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Friday, February 1, 2013

In Basement Hot Water Collapsible Insulated Storage Tank 500 gal

Where to install your wood boiler?
Your choice here should always be indoors in my opion. If you have a walk out basement, build a boiler room with a wood room and a shoot to feed the wood downstairs. Everything is nice and warm. If you don’t have a walk out basement, some boilers are extremely heavy and most stairways cannot support the weight.  Have a pro look at it first.
If you want the smoke and mess out of the house, I agree.  Add a shed on the back of the house, or build a freestanding boiler house to shelter your boiler and the wood you’ll be feeding it.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Underground Insulated Pipe- The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Truth…..

Underground PEX Plumbing For Wood Boilers

95% of all underground pipes leave no gaps between the feed and return PEX lines.  When you consider the BTU bleed off factor you get when you bury this low R value pipe in the ground, not to mention the very low R-Values, I wonder how the contractor could sleep at night. So many BTUs are cancelled out in the pipe before they reach the place where the BTUs are needed.  In a water to air heat exchanger, this can be a problem on really long runs. My advice is, if you’re going with an outdoor boiler, run two corrugated lines with two hot feeds in one pipe and two cold returns in the other. Don’t skimp here; otherwise you’ll be heating the ground next to your home and not your home or shop. Here is a good place to see what has happened to others.

I have heard that some of the underground PEX pipe companies claim less than 1 degree heat loss in 100’……..please…        Let’s take a simple look at this idea and see how much sense it all makes to you.
Heat Area (sq.ft.)
Fireplace Specific Options





Cooktop Material

Water Heating Options

Flue Orientation


Venting (Gas Stoves)


Viewing Area

Interior Style