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About Us

Obadiah's is a family business located in Northwest Montana. Our business began in 1999 in the beautiful Yaak Valley, and after 15 very blessed years there, we relocated to Kalispell, Montana to continue our growth as a company.

We were born and raised in Michigan and spent 20 years in the construction business before we decided to move out west and fulfill our lifelong dream: Operating our own business under the big skies of Montana. Living and working in Northwest Montana is something most people can only imagine; here in the Flathead Valley, we’re tucked into a mountain of lush green forest overlooking a valley where the Flathead River (legendary for its fishing) carves its way off into the distance, all while the enormous peaks of Glacier National Park tower over the horizon. This jaw-dropping landscape is matched only by the people who inhabit it: God-fearing, free-spirited, independent, liberty loving folks who understand the value of hard work and the beauty of nature. We feel truly blessed to be able to live and make a living in this place.

Flathead Lake near Kalispell, MT and the North Fork of the Yaak River in Yaak, MT

Flathead Lake near Kalispell, MT and the North Fork of the Yaak River in Yaak, MT

Obadiah's has very humble beginnings: We started out with a mobile showroom, a trailer that we converted into a display of our best stoves and all the information a customer could ask for about them. It wasn't easy hauling the showroom around the steep roads of Northwest Montana, but we made do, and slowly but surely we built relationships with local folks that helped make us the business we are today.

Our business philosophy is very simple: Treat others the way you want to be treated. We simply aim to be worthy of our customers’ trust. We’re only human, so if we fall short, please tell us and give us the chance to make it right. We’ll do our best and if we meet your expectations, tell your friends! We rely on you, the customer, to help us grow. Our mission is to be a personable, friendly, caring company that provides a service to customers that they find valuable and rewarding. We want you to feel like you matter to us, because without you, there is no business.

Our mission is two-fold, however: Not only do we provide unique, quality hearth products, but we are also involved in fighting wildfires across this great nation. Using our own specialized fleet of fire equipment, we have been offering our services as wildland firefighters for over a decade wherever we are needed (to learn more, check out our website here). In recognition of the sacrifices and dedication of our fellow firefighters, as well as the men and women serving in our armed forces, we offer an additional discount (up to 5%) off our already low prices. This is simply Obadiah's way of saying “thank you!” for all you've done and are doing to ensure our Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of happiness. Because of folks like you, the world is a much better place.

You might be wondering how we got the name Obadiah's: The name means 'Servant of God'. That is our greatest mission in life aside from our businesses, to be worthy of His calling. We believe that God answered our prayers, he made a way for us to live our dream here, and we could not be happier.


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