Saturday, March 23, 2019

CPF-38 Lennox Peninsula - Discontinued*

CPF-38 Lennox Three-Sided Peninsula Wood Burning Fireplace

*PRODUCT DISCONTINUED - This page is for informational purposes only.

Three-sided peninsula design with louverless exterior offers the ideal choice for large rooms and living areas.


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This product has been discontinued and inventory is gone. This page is an informational page for those who have already purchased the unit.

The Merit® Series CPF-38 wood-burning fireplace allows you to create a dramatic focal point virtually anywhere in the home with its special three-sided peninsula design. The large 38" (front-view) firebox, with its sleek exterior and realistic lining, can be viewed from three rooms when installed in an island. Zero-clearance design uses cooling air to insulate the hot firebox for minimal clearance and simpler installation.


  • The glow of a large, beautiful fire can be enjoyed from three sides with this distinctive peninsula design. It’s an excellent choice for subtly dividing open spaces, such as living and dining areas
  • The expansive 38" firebox improves the warmth and ambiance of large rooms and living areas
  • Realistic brick-patterned interior frames the fire with natural beauty
  • A truly warm, comfortable fire is a result of the zero-clearance design, which also allows simple installation
  • Bi-fold glass doors or the twin-pane doors provide heat control
  • Solid steel grate is durable enough to withstand large loads of fuel
  • Optional outside air kit offers improved performance
  • Your choice of bi-fold glass doors in Black or Brass finishes or twin-pane doors in Brass finish with fixed end panels lends an elegant beauty


Glass Doors

Other Exterior

  • Outside Air Kit



Specifications Lennox CPF-38 Peninsula
Fuel Wood
Venting FTF8 8" Chimney
View Style 3-Sided Peninsula
Sizes 38"
Warranty 20-year limited warranty

CPF-38 Lennox Three-Sided Peninsula Wood Burning Fireplace

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