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Heartland 1903 Oval Wood Cookstove - Discontinued

Heartland Oval 1903 Woodburning Cookstove

This stove was discontinued in June 2018.  All inventory has been sold.

Heartland's Oval with Water Reservoir

The Heartland Oval has been heating homes for almost a century and today's models offer the same notorious versatility, dependability and comfort as those early wood-fired cookstoves. The added bonus for this Oval is the 5-gallon copper water reservoir which is perfect for drawing a hot bath, washing dishes and humidifying your home.

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  • Warms up to 1,800 square feet
  • Solid cast iron cooking surface
  • 2.4 cubic foot oven – largest available on any wood-burning cookstove
  • Upper warming cabinet
  • Top or front fuel loading
  • Large firebox for improved efficiency (less chopping and stoking)
  • Ash pan on sliding track
  • A fresh air kit may be ordered for intake of outside combustion air
  • A water jacket may be ordered for domestic hot water heating
  • The coal grate package must be ordered for coal burning
  • Summer grate position, adjustable for summer heating and cooking
  • A fresh air kit may be ordered for intake of outside combustion air
  • A water jacket may be ordered for domestic hot water heating
  • EPA Exempt (learn more here)
  • Washington State Approved (learn more here)



Your home can remain a refuge from snow, ice, and power failures with a Heartland Wood-burning Cookstove.  The oval can heat up to 1,800 sq. feet.  So enjoy that nice, relaxing hot bath or hot tea in spite of what is happening outdoors.  (With optional water jacket.)

Hot Water Options

The copper reservoir with a tap or the hot water jacket is a great option for your new cookstove.  A water jacket installed is capable of heating a 40-gallon water take in about an hour under normal operation.  Many people choose to run the system on a thermosyphon, no longer requiring electricity.  Wood heat is a dry heat, but the water reservoir allows plenty of humidity back into the room.

*Note:  Make sure to follow the water jacket manual and have a professional install it properly.

Memorable Flavor 

Because the oven heats on all sides, the food cooks evenly.  That's why Grandma always said her pies were cooked best.  Use the warming closet as a plate warmer, rise your dough, or thaw your frozen food.

Make work easier

Don't be concerned about maintaining your Heartland Wood-burning Cookstove.  The fuel can be loaded from the front or the top, the porcelain coated oven interior with an ash pan that slides out makes cleaning easy.

Specifications Heartland Oval 1903
Overall Dimensions 47-1/2" W x 62" H x 35" D
Oven Dimensions 18" W x 11-1/2" H x 15" D
Winter Fire Box Dimensions 22 L x 9"" W x 7" H
Ash Pan Dimensions 18"L x 7-1/2"W x 6"D
Cook Top Surface 35-1/4” W x 25-3/4” D
Cook Top Height 32"
Flue Size 6"
Weight 640 lbs
Maximum Log Length 16"
Heat Output Up to 50,000 BTU/hr
Heating Area Up to 1,800 sq. ft.

Clearances (Heat Shields reduce clearances by 66%)

A: Connector Pipe to Backwall: 20" .... With Optional Heat Shield and DL Connector Pipe: 6"
B: Stove to Sidewall, Left (firebox) Side: 24".... Right Side: 10"
C: Centerline Flue to Backwall: 23" .... With Optional Heat Shield & DL Pipe: 9-1/4"
D: Centerline Flue to Sidewall, Left (firebox) Side: 44 1/4".... Right Side: 39"
E: Minimum Hearth (floor protection) Width: 51 1/2"
F: Backwall to Front Edge of Hearth: 70 5/8"... With Heat Shield & DL Pipe: 58 5/8"

See Owner's Manual for installation instructions and manufacturer's warranty.

Heartland Oval 1903 Woodburning Cookstove

Heartland Oval 1903 Woodburning Cookstove
Oven Stove Top
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Heartland Sweetheart 2603 Woodburning Cookstove
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Heartland Sweetheart 2603 Woodburning Cookstove

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