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Hearthstone Morgan 8470 - Not Available*

Hearthstone Morgan 8470 - Not Available*

*PRODUCT NOT AVAILABLE - this page is for informational purposes only.

The Morgan 8470 wood burning fireplace insert is hand-crafted in Vermont by Hearthstone and is designed to provide functional heat for a medium space straight from a fireplace and with its thick soapstone panels that line the inside of the firebox, the unit will be warm long after the fire has gone out.  The Hearthstone 8470 wood-fired insert also has generous depth and width allowing for loading wood up to 18” long to provide a strong burn time of up to 8 hours.       

**Obadiah's does not offer Hearthstone products any longer.

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*PRODUCT NOT AVAILABLE - this page is for informational purposes only.

This stunning wood burning insert, the Morgan 8470 is in the Hearthstone Select Collection of soapstove stoves.  Hearthstone has also incorporated into this beauty the benefits of advanced wood burning technology - without the cost and maintenance of a catalytic converter - to produce large amounts of heat and be clean burning beibg EPA certified.  Morgan 8470: warmth plus style!  


  • 1.7 cubic foot firebox holds up to 36 lbs of wood
  • Firebox soapstone-lined to ensure longer HeatLife (TM)
  • Large front door allows logs up to 18” in length for easy loading
  • Steel door system with steel door latch
  • Reversible door can be opened from the left hand side or the right


  • Single Air intake – stove control is easy and can produce more consistent heat


  • Unmatched fire viewing – flame/light present from gases ignited off the burning wood by a secondary air tube, even with low burning rate
  • Non-catalytic combustion system – complete combustion which equals 1) greater efficiency; more heat from less wood, and 2) clean burning; reduced smoke and creosote build-up
  • Temperature controlled, variable speed convection blower to help spread heat evenly throughout the home with included rheostat to control the fan speed
  • Removable baffle and secondary air plenum allow flue cleaning without moving the insert
  • Front-Aft 2 position flue collar for installation flexibility
  • Depth adjusting surrounds for unit to fit more fireplaces
  • Leveling legs to adjust after installation in the fireplace

Optional Features:

  • Mantle Heat Shield reduces clearance requirements allowing more placement options
  • Screen for open-door fire viewing and listening
  • Surrounds caps to fill for raised firebox installations or simply to beautify
  • Black anodized aluminum surround extension (35”H X 52-1/4”W)
Specifications Morgan 8470 Wood Insert
Heats up to 1,200 sq. ft.
Burn Time Up to 8 hours
Heat Life Up to 10 hours
Size 40,000 BTUs
EPA Rating 4.3 grams per hour
Efficiency 79%
Width (without surround) 24-1/8"
Height 20-1/2"
Depth (includes ash lip) 19-1/2"
Maximum Log Length 18"
Firebox Capacity 1.7 cu. ft.
Flue Exit 6"
Convection Blower Factory Installed, Standard
Ash Pan No
Surround Size w/surround extensions 35H x 52-1/4" W
Surround Size 29H x 40-1/4" W
Optional Screen Yes
Actual Weight (lbs.) 349
Mobile Home Certified No
Optional Mantle Shield Kit Yes
Minimum fireplace dimensions
Width at Front 25"
Width at Rear 19-1/2"
Height 22-1/2"
Depth 15"
Depth of Lintel 9" (maximum)
Clearances (Combustible Surface)
Top of Insert to Mantle or Top Trim 34"
Top of Insert to Mantle with Shield Kit 22"
Side of Insert to Side Wall 13"
Side of Insert to Side Trim 3"
Hearth Pad
Minimum Size (US) 36" W x 16 " D
Minimum Size (Canada) 92 cm x 46 cm
Accessories Description Hearthstone SKU
Matte Black Spray Paint 90-58110
HearthStone Morgan EPA Wood Insert Shown in Black
Hearthstone Morgan 8470 - Not Available*
HearthStone Morgan EPA Wood Insert Shown in Black
Hearthstone Morgan 8470 - Not Available*

This unit not available for purchase.

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