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Glenwood 7090 Commercial Multi-Fuel Boiler

Glenwood 7090 Commercial Multi-Fuel Boiler

The Glenwood 7090 boiler meets commercial standards and thus is EPA EXEMPT. This unit is to be sold for commercial purposes only.

The Glenwood 7090 Multi Fuel Boiler is versastile in its burning capabilities. Few wood boilers offer the flexibility to burn so many types of Biomass Fuels, waste oils or fuel oil. The Glenwood boilers are built to commercial industrial standards from ¼” Boiler Plate Steel, each corner is beveled and double welded. All models are built to ASME standards, and have ASME official stamp for an upcharge.

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The Glenwood 7090 Commercial Multi-Fuel Boilers are unique in that they are truly the most versatile boiler on the market, allowing you to burn a mix of various fuel types. Glenwood Wood, Coal, and Oil boilers are priced to be the best value in clean burning efficient biomass and waste burning boilers. If your looking for a solution to your heating or waste disposal needs, Obadiah's and Glenwood will help you find it through our custom engineering abilities. 

  • For over 30 yrs. Glenwood Heating has been building Commercial and Agricultural Boilers that are capable of filling a wide variety of roles in the Anabaptist heartland in Lancaster PA. The Glenwood Boilers are built to industrial standards and severe duty to stand up to the rigors of hard use, day in and day out. Glenwood’s have a reputation for being tough well-built boilers and carry a 20 year warranty to back it up.

Fuel Types
Glenwood Boilers are designed and engineered to burn just about any dry organic biomass material, including: Cord Wood, Wood Chips, Wood Shavings, Wood Pellets, Pressed Wood Cubes, Processed Wood Blocks, Waste Wood Blocks, Pressed Logs, Rolled Up Newspapers, Cardboard Blocks, Saw Dust, Corn, Corn Cobs, Fodder, All Kinds of Coal, Coal Pellets, Coal Wood Pellets, Coal Biomass Pellets, Switch Grass Pellets, Dried Horse Manure, Dried Cow Pies, Trash, Waste Oil, Cooking Oil, Heavy Oil, #1, #2, #3, Fuel Oils.
Note: Must add biomass attachment option to boiler. 


  1. Pressure Release Valve
  2. Temperature/Pressure Gauge
  3. High Limit Safety Control
  4. Electronic Draft and Burner Controls
  5. Individually Adjustable Legs
  6. Smoke Bypass Keeps Smoke Out of the Building While Tending Fire
  7. Inspection Opening Allows Monitoring of the Fire Without Opening Any Doors
  8. Thermostatically Controlled Draft Blower Aids In Complete Combustion
  9. Automatic Draft Box Controls Combustion Air
  10. Water-Lined Firebox provides Maximum Heat Transfer
  11. Insulated Heat Exchanger Access Door For Easy Servicing
  12. Fin-Type Secondary Heat Exchanger For Highly Efficient Heat Transfer
  13. Large Insulated Firebox Door


  • Shaking Grate, With External Shaker Lever, To Burn the Fuel of Choice
  • Ash Pan for Convenient Ash Removal**
  • Highly Efficient Beckett Oil Burner
  • Water-Lined Combustion Chamber Providing Rapid Heat Exchange and Isolate the Oil Burner From the Contaminates Emitted By the Wood Fire*
  • AT900 Biomass Attachment to expand your fuel source options to include pellets, woodchips, sawdust...and more!

* - Standard With Oil Back-Up
** - With Optional Grate

Glenwood Biomass Attachment (Optional)

The AT-800/AT-900 Glenwood biomass attachments are available in one size, but two styles.  The AT-800 has a rotary airlock and works best for burning hogged material, shavings, and sawdust, this style is featured in the Glenwood Industrial brochure.  The AT-900 has a sliding airlock operated by a compressed air cylinder,  this style is best for rough stuff such as construction and demolition (C & D) waste, chips from tree trimming companies, etc. Both biomass attachments are made durable components, as well as low speed operation are designed to provide many years of trouble-free service. Adding the Biomass Attachment to your Glenwood Boiler will allow you the versatility that no other boiler offers. Burn just about anything that will fit through the feeder and is dry enough to burn (25% moisture content or less); from Wood scraps to pallets, cardboard to other waste products that would otherwise cost you a trip to the dump! 

Close up, Glenwood Biomass Attachment

Close up, Electrical Box for the Biomass Attachment

Specifications Glenwood 7090 Multi fuel Boiler
Unit Dimensions 102"L X 72"W X 84"H
With Biomass Attachment 144" L X 72"W X 84"H
Fire Box Dimensions 60"L X 48"W X 36"H
Door Size 30"H X 44"W
BTU's 900,000
Flue size 10"
Water Capacity 400 Gal.
Weight 6000 lb
Heating Capacity 30,000 sq.ft.

The Glenwood Boilers offers the best boilers with the best warranty in the industry, hands down. Some manufactures offer a "Limited Lifetime Warranty" but when you read it you will find they are really "Pro Rated Warranty" some are barely worth the paper they are written on. Only Glenwood offers a NON PRO RATED 20 YEAR WARRANTY!  The closest you will find is a "5 year Bumper to Bumper with a 25 year Pro Rated Warranty" from Econoburn. Here is the Glenwood warranty for you to see for yourself, one simple page against rust through or failed welds.

Glenwood 7090 Commercial Multi-Fuel Boiler

Glenwood 7090 Commercial Multi-Fuel Boiler

Glenwood 7090 Commercial Multi-Fuel Boiler

Glenwood 7090 Commercial Multi-Fuel Boiler

Glenwood 7090 Commercial Multi-Fuel Boiler

Glenwood 7090 Commercial Multi-Fuel Boiler

Glenwood 7090 Commercial Multi-Fuel Boiler

* Use a Glenwood Biomass Dump Station to store large quantities of your biomass fuel and to continuously feed your Biomass Attachment.

**Biomass Attachment is only available for the models with a "P" after the model number.


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