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Stanford 140 Efel Non-Catalytic Wood Stove - Discontinued

Stanford 140 Efel Non-Catalytic Wood Stove - Discontinued

This product has been discontinued and inventory has been sold. This page is for informational purposes for those who have already purchased the unit. 

With advanced non-catalytic technology, the Stanford ensures you a lifetime of warmth, comfort and superior efficiency. In addition, you’ll always enjoy a generous, crystal-clear view of the fire with the clean-burning Air-wash system. The Stanford 140 from Efel easily heats up to 2,000 square feet – an entire mid-sized home or living area.

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  • Up to 76% Efficient, 10 hour burn time and non-catalytic
  • Firebox capacity: 2.89 cubic feet will take 24" log length
  • Durable, rugged cast iron body for optimum heat retention
  • Side and front loading doors
  • Top venting 6" flue collar
  • Adjustable primary air intake for heat control
  • One-piece ceramic glass window with ultra-clean glass fire view
  • Airwash system for clean, clear viewing
  • Generous, built-in Ashpan, masked by the stove's lower door
  • No-burn removable handle
  • Meets or exceeds international emissions standards
  • Includes fire safety glove, poker, handles and touch-up paint
  • Fast igniting; warms your room more quickly
  • Made entirely in Belgium, using no Chinese components
  • Color: Graphite Black (Painted)
  • Limited Lifetime Guarantee

Clean-Burning: Remarkably this advanced combustion technology keeps the glass crystal clear, even when the stove burns on low setting.  The double-glazed window is safer and cleaner, too.

Built Smart and Tough: Using a patented design and highly trained artisans (backed by 150 years of stove building experience), Efel fabricates their wood stoves.  The cast iron body is made from recycled materials.  (All stoves carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty.)

Specifications Efel Stanford 140
Flue collar size 6"
Flue position top
Max burn rate 96,600 BTU/hr
EPA Output range 12,000-60,900 BTU/hr
Particulate emissions 2.72 g/hr
Heating capacity 1,600-2,000 sq ft
Max. burn time up to 10hrs
Max. log length 24"
Loading front and side
Weight 386 lbs
Minimum floor protection 55"W x 46"D (USA and Canada)
Color Graphite Black (Painted)

Stanford 140 Efel Non-Catalytic Wood Stove - Discontinued

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If you are planning to cook with a cookstove, you will need to understand some basic fire safety. Remember, extinguishing a grease or oil fire with water is not a good idea.

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