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Buck Bay Series 91 Stove or Insert EPA 2020

Buck Bay Series 91 Stove or Insert EPA 2020

The #1 Catalytic Wood Stove in the Hearth Industry!

The Buck 91 Catalytic Stove body can be installed as either a freestanding wood stove (with the choice of leg or pedestal option) or as an insert model (with the choice of surround and trim kit). The Buck Stove Company is known for quality hand-crafted, secondary combustion designed, American made products, at an affordiable cost.

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Majestic in appearance and performance it is the ultimate in wood stoves, The Buck Model 91 catalytic is Buck's most popular selling wood stove! The Buck 91 Catalytic Wood Burning unit can be used as a masonry fireplace insert, or freestanding - this unit easily accepts 21" logs and heats up to 3200 square feet with an astonishing 50,400 BTU's per hour. Features include a factory installed blower, high efficiency heat exchanger, ash removal tray and oversized glass door with air wash system.

Buck Stove Company Established 1975, Commitment to Excellence

  • New Buck Corporation proudly produces all of their wood stoves in the United States of America. Striving to provide each customer with excellent Service on our quality Product made by hard working People with American Pride. From the designing of the stove, to bending and shaping of the first piece of metal, to welding each piece together and painting and packaging for shipping, all of our stoves are assembled by hand with care and precision. We are confident that whichever Buck Stove product you choose, you will receive many years of operation and enjoyment. 

  • Units with this logo meet or exceed EPA emissions standards for the continental United States. A “W-O” below this symbol ensures that the unit is also fully certified for use in Washington and Oregon



  • Color: Black, Gold, Pewter
  • Product Dimensions: 25 5/8" W x 28 7/8" D x 23 3/16" H
  • Fuel Type: Wood
  • Max BTU Output: 50,001 to 55,000
  • Specific Use: Bedroom Approved
  • Vent Type: Wood Chimney Vent
  • EPA tested to produce up to 51,200 BTU per hour output using seasoned cord wood
  • Rated heating capacity of 1800 to 3200 square feet
  • Firebox volume of 4.4 cubic feet
  • Accommodates 22" logs placed front to back or 23" logs placed side to side
  • Features a standard ash pan for easy clean up
  • Heat circulating blower for even room heating
  • Outstanding 86% overall EPA efficiency rating
  • Overall stove weight: 620 pounds
  • Uses 8" diameter stovepipe
  • Catalytic design for lower combustion temperatures and cleaner overall operation
  • Emissions of 1.2 grams per hour






Door Colors Available in: Black, Pewter, and Gold





Spring Doors Handles Availble in: Black (standard), or Gold

Surround Trim Kit Available in: Black, and Gold





Pewter Bay Window

Black Bay Window

Gold Bay Window

Regular Legs




Large Leg Kit




Insert Models Available with Standard (32"H x 49 1/2"W) and Oversize (35"H x 55 1/2"W) Surrounds

Free Standing Model available in Pewter, Black, or Gold

Black Pedestal



Stove Dimensions( W x H x D) 25 5/8" x 28 7/8" x 34 1/4"
Minimum Fireplace Dimensions (W x H x D) 31 3/4" x 23 1/2" x 15 1/2"
Freestanding Clearance to Combustible 16" check (Corner) - 23" (Rear) - 24" (Side)
Heating Capacity 1,800 - 3,200 Sq. Feet
BTU output 51,200
Emissions 1.2 g/h
Efficiency 86%
Firebox Volume 4.4 cu ft
Log length 22" (front to back) 23"(side to side)
Ash pan Yes (comes standard)
Blower Yes (comes standard)
Flue Size 8”
Hearth Pad Size 50" W x 54" D
Weight 620 lbs
Mobile Home Approved No
Pre Fab Approved No

Buck Bay Model 91 Catalytic Wood Stove - Black Door Insert
Buck Bay Series 91 Stove or Insert EPA 2020
Buck Bay Model 91 Catalytic Wood Stove - Gold Door Insert
Buck Bay Series 91 Stove or Insert EPA 2020
Buck Bay Model 91 Catalytic Wood Stove - Pewter Door Insert
Buck Bay Series 91 Stove or Insert EPA 2020
Main Unit Price
Buck 91 Catalytic Wood Stove/Insert $2761.00
Door Options Price
Black Door Comes Standard
Gold or Pewter Door $261.00
Required Accessories Freestanding Stove Installation
Pedestal 8"H $153.00
Black Legs Regular $146.00
Black Legs Large $168.00
Gold or Pewter Legs Regular $266.00
Gold or Pewter Legs Large $288.00
Required Accessories Insert Installation
Trim Kit Standard (32"H x 49.5"W) $153.00
Trim Kit Overside (35"H x 55.5"W) $243.00
Optional Accessories
Gold or Pewter Bay Windows $140.00
Spring Door Handle (Gold) $11.00
Spring Damper Rod (Gold) $6.00
8" Cast Iron Flue Collar $85.00

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Chimney Liner Installation Part 2 - Inserting the Liner

Chimney Liner Installation Part 3 - Connecting the Liner & Damper Insulation

Chimney Liner Installation Part 4 - Final Touches

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Heat Area (sq.ft.)
Fireplace Specific Options





Cooktop Material

Water Heating Options

Flue Orientation


Venting (Gas Stoves)


Viewing Area

Interior Style