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WoodMaster Biomass Wood Pellet Mini Boiler - Discontinued

WoodMaster Biomass Wood Pellet Mini Boiler - Discontinued



Compact and Eco-Friendly!

This indoor, compact Biomass Mini Boiler by WoodMaster is the solution to your limited space needs. Equipped with the revolutionary 30kW Renovator, this ASME Certified boiler easily connects to your existing fossil fuel unit and provides highly efficient, natural, wood pellet heat. With minimal maintenance requirements and user friendly features, the WoodMaster Biomass Mini Boiler gives you the bang for your buck!

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The Wood Pellet Mini Boiler by WoodMaster is compact and user friendly;  equipped with the thermal storage to provide that highly efficient and natural pellet burn you are looking for with minimal emission rates. The Air-cleaned firepot and easily accessed flue tube and ash door make cleaning a breeze, while the extra large ash box holds up to 1.74 cubic ft. of ash – that’s up to 2 weeks worth of normal load ash! Set your mind at ease with the Burn Back Protection and 5 year Limited Warranty; the WoodMaster Biomass Wood Pellet Mini Boiler is your indoor compact boiler solution. 


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  • ASME Certified
  • Burning wood pellets provides Eco-friendly, natural energy
  • Compact design geared for tight spaces
  • Air cleaned renovator and extra large ash box minimize maintenance
  • Automatic ignition gives you heat on demand
  • Fully Automatic PLC and easy-to-access flue tube and ash tray make operation and cleaning a breeze.
  • Easy connection to existing systems
  • Burn Back Protection to protect you and your loved ones





Tips for installing your new unit:

  • Although the WoodMaster Biomass Mini Boiler is compact, be sure to leave room for the pellet hopper and auger system, and comfortable maintenance and cleaning.
  • To ensure that your storage room is properly ventilated for the combustion process, we recommend a vent that is at least 20 sq. in.



Be sure to disconnect any power and allow your unit time to cool before cleaning the heat exchanger tubes and emptying the ash box. Easy access to the heat exchanging tubes is made by taking the top door and cover off of the furnace. When cleaning the heat exchanger tubes carefully work around the ceramic insulation to ensure there is no damage. The Mini Boiler has an extra large ash box (holding approximately 1-2 weeks worth of ashes) which allow for longer intervals between changes, but should be checked and emptied regularly. Daily maintenance of the firebox is taken care of by the Air Cleaning system, however, the firebox should be taken out post heating season and thoroughly cleaned to maximize performance.




H 38-40"
D1 33.5"
D2 49.75"
W 26.5"

Specifications WoodMaster Biomass Wood Pellet Mini Boiler
Fuel Wood Pellets
Flue Size 6"
H 38-40"
W 26.5"
D2 49.75"
D1 33.5"
Ash Box 1.74 Cubic Ft.
Water Capacity 9.5 Gallons
Wk/BTU 30/102,000
Weight 785 lb.

Installation & Operation Support
Obadiah's is a Montana based company located in the Rocky Mountains near Glacier National Park.  We understand cold, we depend on our product and our knowledge is backed by 50+ years of experience. Our staff provides technical support and knowledge to assist your builder or contractor with understanding and the installation your new unit.  We deliver internationally and specialize in delivering directly to your house.

Please call 1-800-968-8604 Mon-Fri. 9-5 Mountain Standard Time.




WoodMaster Biomass Wood Pellet Mini Boiler - Discontinued

WoodMaster Biomass Wood Pellet Mini Boiler - Discontinued

WoodMaster Biomass Wood Pellet Mini Boiler - Discontinued

WoodMaster Biomass Wood Pellet Mini Boiler - Discontinued

WoodMaster Biomass Wood Pellet Mini Boiler - Discontinued

WoodMaster Biomass Wood Pellet Mini Boiler - Discontinued

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Please call or email for a price quote and specify the model you are interested in and your zip code.  One of our sales associates will be glad to get back to you.


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