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WiseWay GW-1949 Pellet Stove

WiseWay GW-1949 Pellet Stove

WiseWay aims to provide the most efficient, patent proven, portable pellet stoves on the market.

Two quite unique aspects about this particular pellet stove are that it requires NO electricity to operate, and it has NO moving parts!

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  • NON-electric - uses NO electricity
  • No blower motors for combustion, exhaust or convection
  • No auger motor
  • No moving parts
  • Exceptionally clean burning: 1.9 grams particulate emissions/hour

Model GW-1949
Height 52"
Width 24"
Depth 15"
Weight 113lbs
Hopper Capacity 40lbs
Actual Burn Time on High - 40lbs 12 - 14 hours
Actual Burn Time on Low - 40lbs 34 - 36 hours
BTUs 57,928
Certifications EPA / UL
Patented US7861707
Particulate Emissions/hour 1.9 grams/hour
Material US Steel .120 wall 3.5" square tubing
Moving Parts NONE
Electricity Usage NONE
Manufacturer's Warranty 5 years
Manufacture Location Medford, Oregon, USA
Installation/ Operation Manual See Extended Information Tab
Uses Great for homes, cabins, greenhouses, tents, barns, patios, and decks
Front angle view
WiseWay GW-1949 Pellet Stove
Side view
WiseWay GW-1949 Pellet Stove
In pickup bed
WiseWay GW-1949 Pellet Stove
Wheel Kit
WiseWay GW-1949 Pellet Stove

The WiseWay is now sold with the glass window standard. There is no option to purchase the unit without the window. 

*Only if 2 Stoves packed and shipped together to same addrsss.

Call Obadiah's Woodstoves at 1-800-968-8604 for more details.

Replacement parts available at:

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WiseWay Pellet Stove Demonstration


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