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Vermont Bun Baker Cookstove 750

Vermont Bun Baker Cookstove 750

The Vermont Bun Baker Cookstove 750 is a perfect addition for a small cabin or home where space is limited. This little beauty has plenty of space to cook and bake for the entire family while keeping everyone cozy by the fire. The cooktop is spacious enough for four large pots or saucepans and includes two removable rings for wok cooking.  Included, is a beautiful 1.25" Soapstone Veneer & Hearth that helps maintain warmth and radiates heat for hours to keep you toasty all night.

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  • 1.25" Soapstone Veneer and Hearth
  • Non-catalytic combustion technology
  • Overnight burn time
  • Fire brick refractory
  • Metallic black finish
  • Ash lip to prevent embers from falling on the floor
  • Steel cook top, front and firebox
  • Oven rack
  • Bypass damper
  • Spacious cook top
  • Two removable lids
  • Cast iron and glass firebox and oven doors
  • 78% efficiency
  • EPA Exempt (Consumers in Washington state should check with their local building department to see if the Bun Baker is approved as an EPA exempt cookstove) (learn more here)
  • One year limited warranty


  • Hot water heater

*Note: The Vermont Bun Baker is the same stove as the Baker's Oven. Our distributor has been given the privilege by the Australian manufacturer of naming it the Vermont Bun Baker and adding the option of soapstone to this unique cook stove.

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Specifications Vermont Bun Baker Cookstove 750
Fuel Wood
Overall Dimensions 24¼″ W x 34½″ H x 21¼” D
Oven Dimensions 14½" W x 11" H x 13½" D
Firebox Dimensions 13½" W x 15½" H x 11½" D
Weight 750 lbs
Heat Output Up to 30,000 BTU/hr
Heat Capacity Up to 1,000 sq ft
Maximum Log Length 14"
Flue Size 6"
Efficiency 78%
Safety Testing UL-1482 / ULC-S627
Warranty 1 Year Limited
Clearances Single-Wall Pipe Double-Wall Pipe
Rear 14" 8"
Sides 14" 10"
Corner 11½" 6½"

This stove is not mobile home approved.

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Vermont Bun Baker 1500 Soapstone Cookstove

Vermont Bun Baker 1500 Soapstone Cookstove

Vermont Bun Baker 1500 Soapstone Cookstove

Vermont Bun Baker 1500 Soapstone Cookstove

Vermont Bun Baker Cookstove 750

Vermont Bun Baker 1500 Soapstone Cookstove

Vermont Bun Baker 1500 Soapstone Cookstove
Hot Water Circulator. The stove with the optional hot water heater installed does not have the UL listing 1482
Vermont Bun Baker Wood Cookstove
Note: The top of the door is left ungasketed to allow for the function of the Air Wash system.
Vermont Bun Baker Cookstove 750

Love the look of soapstone? Take a look at the Vermont Bun Baker 1500 with 2-3/8" thick soapstone veneer and wood storage area.

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Wonderful heating & cooking source
September 16, 2013
Reviewer: Janet
We have owned our Vermont Bun Baker since October of 2010. We are all electric, so we wanted something we could use to heat with & to cook with in case of power loss. We also wanted something that was small. We also choose to get the soapstone option & are very thankful we did, as the soapstone helps retain the heat!

The first winter we still used our electric heat, as we were learning to use the stove, and did not know if it could heat our entire house. We have a much bigger ICF (insulated concrete form) house than the stove is designed to heat. The two winters since then we were successful in heating our entire house with this stove. We have gotten burn times that range anywhere from 8 hrs to 12 hours depending on the type of wood we were burning.

Woody & Annette have gone out of their way to make sure, when we had questions they were answered; when we had problems, whether they were our fault or not, they helped us get them fixed. Several times Woody asked me to send him photos of the problems, so that he was able to "see" what was wrong. When I had questions about the operation of the stove, Woody sent me a lengthy email letter with all the information I could ask for.

We love our stove & would make the same purchase again. We have also gotten several comments on how nice the stove looks.
Great stove!
September 5, 2013
Reviewer: Woody Chain
We have owned the Bakers Oven for over 7yrs. We use it in our 36' Avion coach as I am also a professional firefighter. When we're fighting fires up in the Rocky Mountains, even in the summer, it can get fairly chilly (30s) at night. We'll build a fire in Bakers Oven at night to stay warm and it will be ready to heat up a pot of coffee in the morning. Although I'm not much of a cook, I've made a pot of chilli on the cook-top. I've also used the oven to heat up frozen pizza's, lasagna and garlic bread. This stove does have a small firebox, but I can get a overnight burn out of it. The Soapstone option really makes a big difference in storing and radiating the heat and takes a good stove and makes it a great stove! (I am the owner of Obadiah's)
Exactly what we hoped for!
September 5, 2013
Reviewer: HM - ID
We had the opportunity to "fire'er up" already and we got the inside temp of the house up to a toasty 82f. We put a load of wood in before we went to sleep and the soap stone was still warm in the am and the house was a good 20 degrees warmer than out side. The Vermont Bun baker is exactly what we hoped it would be!
Great stove!
September 5, 2013
Reviewer: Sam
We use our stove to heat our 1200sqft home. It keeps it at 72 degrees with outside temperature of 26 degrees. A load of wood lasts about five hours. The only problem is the small firebox. You learn to cut wood in a different shape. Watch YouTube. Overall, I would buy another one if we move, or a replacement. I'm sure the fuel would last longer if we packed it into it. Great stove!

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