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Supreme Astra 24TD ZC Wood Fireplace

Supreme Astra 24TD ZC Wood Fireplace

The Astra 24TD fireplace is a versatile and convenient heating option for people wanting to modernize and update their homes. This remarkable fireplace stands for a new era of innovative engineering and it can be conveniently integrated into preexisting wall spaces to replace an old decorative wood fireplace. This wood burning unit pairs as a stylish addition to any surrounding interior decor due to its discreet and timeless surround. 

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Not only does the Astra 24TD offer its modern clean face, but it also provides a minimalistic style frame. This fireplace gives a dependable up to date heat source while offering a relaxing environment. While still offering the desired visual aesthetics of a large wood burning fireplace it possesses a compact depth which can be installed efficiently into a pre-existing wall to replace another unit.

Areas of up to 1,500 square feet can stay dependably heated while burning clean fires due to its excellent air-control systems and patented ignition. The Astra 24TD has outstanding environmental credentials with an EPA certification of 1.8 g/h. This proudly backs up the efficiency of this fireplace. 

This firebox made of stainless steel is cast-iron lined with panels that add to its remarkable durability. Not only does this allow produced heat to be efficiently held, but it also allows it to be transferred effectively which results in longer-lasting warmth. 

All in all the Astra 24TD is a quality and investment selective homeowners won't regret.


Patented Automatic Air Control

This patented, user-friendly mechanism automatically reduces the amount of combustion air introduced during ignition to the desired burn rate setting. The result is a beautifully consistent fire burning to its full capacity.

Premium Blower (130 CFM)

This powerful yet whisper-quiet system effortlessly distributes heat over significant distances. As the combustion progresses, the high-quality blower automatically activates and is set using the variable speed controller.

The Astra 24 comes with a high performance 130 CFM blower kit, which has an electrical rating of 115V, 60 Hz, and 56 W. A variable speed control (rheostat) and a heat sensor (therm-o-disc) are included with the kit. WARNING: Do not install a substitute blower.

Removable Ash Lip

Offering another layer of protection against ashes, this removable accessory can be attached below the door to prevent spills when the fireplace is opened.

Chimney Sweeping Cap

Located on the baffle, this convenient feature allows the chimney to be easily accessed for cleaning, without requiring the removal of any additional components.

Unique Door Operation

Our finely crafted door handle has an ergonomic design and keeps the door shut by means of a latch for a secure operation.

Hot Air System
Enjoy watching the beauty of your fire for longer thanks to this advanced design feature. Pre-heated air is forced onto the glass viewing pane, keeping it clean from soot even while burning at low temperatures.

Dual Air Wash System
Enjoy watching the beauty of your fire for longer thanks to this advanced design feature. Pre-heated air is forced onto the glass viewing pane, keeping it clean from soot even while burning at low temperatures.

Innovative Baffle Design

Most EPA units on the market feature secondary air tubes that hamper access to the chamber when filling it with wood and require constant maintenance and regular replacement. Instead, Supreme's products have a unique design that allows secondary air to enter through a perforated baffle offering an unimpeded viewing area to the fire all while increasing the efficiency and prolonging the combustion.

Patented Secondary Air Control

This patented control introduces a variable amount of secondary air into the firebox via a downward path that mixes with the rising gases of the wood. The result is a unique, appealing arrangement of flames that prolongs the combustion, increases the efficiency of the fire and minimizes the amount of emissions released.

Cast-Iron Panels

An extra layer of durability and strength is provided with these cast-iron panels that line Supreme's heavy-duty stainless-steel firebox. In addition to providing a quicker and more uniform heat transfer, the cast-iron prolongs the combustion by retaining warmth.


While most manufacturers only offer a two-year-warranty (or less) for their refractory-brick fireboxes, we stand by Supreme's cast-iron paneled chamber with a market-leading 10-year guarantee.

Optional Hot Air Kit:

Specifications Supreme Astra 24TD
Heating Capacity 1,500 sq. ft.
Max Heat Output 75,000 BTU
EPA Firebox Volume 2.4 cu. ft.
Maximum Log Length 24"
Overall Dimensions 36"W x 36-3/4"H x 21-7/8"D
Glass Dimensions 24"W x 13.5"H
Burn Time 6-10 hr.
Flue Size 6"
Blower 130 CFM
Average Particulate Emissions Rate 1.91 g/hr
Efficiency 75%
Warranty Limited Lifetime

Supreme Astra 24TD ZC Wood Fireplace

Supreme Astra 24TD ZC Wood Fireplace
Supreme Astra 24TD ZC Wood Fireplace $3313
Traditional Surround in Metallic Black (Required to Complete Order) $270
Gravity Kit $92
Gravity Ducts (comes as 2) $272
Hot Air Kit 245 CFM $429
5" Insulated Duct, 25' Long for Hot Air Kit $129
Fresh Air Kit $67
Connector from Prefabricated Chimney to Liner $76

If you would like to place an order for this unit please click here:  https://www.discountstoves.net/Supreme-Astra24-EPA-Wood-Fireplace-p/24at-01.htm

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