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Superior WCT6840 Wood Fireplace - Discontinued

BIS Tradition Zero Clearance Security Fireplace

This Fireplace has been discontinued due to lack of 2015 EPA approval, all invenotry sold. This is an informational page for those who have already purchased the unit.

Impressive in size and performance, the WCT6840 is one of the biggest, most beautiful EPA-certified, wood-burning fireplaces available on the market. Advanced engineering, combined with its graceful design and long burn times, means spending more time enjoying the fire than taking care of it. 

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This product will be hopefully be available again in Spring/Summer 2016.

WCT6840 Zero Clearance Superior Fireplace



  • Overall dimensions: 47" W x 45" H x 28" D
  • Non-catalytic combustion for maintenance-free operation
  • Zero-clearance wood-burning fireplace
  • 4.0 cu. ft. firebox with 30" log capacity
  • Time-Delayed Air Boost system for care-free ignition
  • Multiple heat distribution capacity
  • Heats up to 2,500 square feet**
  • Burn time up to 8 hrs. depending on wood used
  • Textured refractory-lined firebox recreates a traditional masonry firebox
  • Arch design façade and door give the fireplace a traditional look
  • Decorative log retainer
  • Outside air kit (4” I.D. x 10’ long insulated flex and resister)
  • Choice of 4 optional facades and doors: Black, Brushed Nickel, 24 karat Gold Plated or Hammered Steel
  • Heat activated blower
  • Energy efficiency through natural convection
  • Up to 63% efficiency
  • Up to 80,000 Btu cordwood heat output
  • Masonry installation with TUBINOX rigid stainless steel liner (optional)
  • EPA approved, 7.4 gr/hr
  • Warnock Hersey approved to ULC-S610 and UL-127 standards


  • Gravity vent kits
  • Double duct in brass or black
  • Forced Air Heating Kit for remote room heating
  • Rigid firescreen

Specifications WCT6840 Superior
Firebox Dimensions 31"W x 14.5"H x 14"D
Viewing Area 31"W x 15"H
Cu. ft. 4.0 cu. ft.
Log Size 30"
Chimney Type/Flue Size S-2100+/GX 7"
EPA Rating 7.4 gr./hr
BTU 80,000
Heating Capacity up to 2,500 sq. ft.
Blower 350 CFM
Ash Pan N/A
Weight 475 lbs.
Warranty Limited Lifetime
Efficiency up to 63%

Blower Replacement Guidelines

If the need ever arises to replace the blower fans on your BIS Tradition, this information may help.
After removing the faceplate from your fireplace, you will see the two fans at the bottom rear of the unit. They are each secured to the back of the unit with a single screw in the bottom left-hand corner of the fan housing.
You will be able to readily reach the right blower screw, but because of the restricted access on the left side of the unit, it is more difficult to reach the left blower screw. To remedy this, you may cut a piece of 1" PVC to a length of 14 inches. Then make four cuts on one end that permit you to insert a Phillips head screwdriver handle into that end. Then secure the screwdriver with electrical tape. It isn't pretty, but it will get the job done.
Move each blower to the front of the unit and remove the metal housing around the motor side. It is attached with two Phillips head screws.
Once that housing is removed, the blower will fit through the opening on the far right bottom of the unit.
Hopefully, you find this information useful.

BIS Tradition™ Lennox Wood Burning Fireplace

BIS Tradition™ Lennox Wood Burning Fireplace

BIS Tradition™ Lennox Wood Burning Fireplace

BIS Tradition™ Lennox Wood Burning Fireplace

BIS Tradition™ Lennox Wood Burning Fireplace

Superior WCT6840 Wood Fireplace - Discontinued

BIS Tradition™ Lennox Wood Burning Fireplace

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