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Superior WCT6820 Wood Fireplace - Discontinued

Superior WCT6820 Wood Fireplace
This product has been discontinued as it does not meet 2020 EPA Emission Standards. This page exists for informational purposes only.

Fashioned after the WCT6840 fireplace, the WCT6820 wood-burning fireplace is Washington state approved and is equipped with the same features as its predecessor allowing for a tighter fit in smaller places.

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  • Convenient size: 36" W x 36" H x 25" D
  • Single door for a better view of the fire
  • Non-catalytic combustion for maintenance-free operation
  • Outside air kit (4" I.D. x 10' long insulated flex and resister)
  • Heat activated blower
  • Refractories simulate a real masonry hearth
  • Knockout on side and back to connect forced air system
  • Ceramic glass for safety & optimum heat transfer
  • Efficient air wash system keeps the glass clean
  • Airtight combustion chamber for maximum efficiency
  • Double Air Combustion Control (all-in-one)
  • - Main control for variable heat output and wood consumption
  • - Air Boost Control for faster wood ignition and efficient combustion
  • Choice of Black, Brushed Nickel and 24 karat Gold Plated Steel facades and Steel or Cast Iron doors (mix and match)
  • Zero-clearance to combustible materials
  • Maximum heat efficiency: 72%
  • Up to 55,000 Btu/hr
  • Overall firebox capacity 2.00 cu. ft.
  • Can heat between 1,000 to 1,500 sq. ft. (may vary depending on individual characteristics of home)
  • Burn time 6-8 hours (depends on wood used)
  • Maximum log size 20"
  • Warnock Hersey approved to ULC-S610 & UL-127
  • EPA approved and Washington State (3.7 gr/hr)
  • Masonry installation with TUBINOX rigid stainless steel liner (optional)

Specifications Superior WCT6820
Firebox Dimensions 22"W x 11.75"H x 12"D
Viewing Area 22.5"W x 12.25"H
Cu. ft. 2.0 cu. ft.
Log Size 19"
Chimney Type/Flue Size ASHT+ 6"
EPA Rating 3.7 gr./hr
BTU 55,000
Heating Capacity up to 1,500 sq. ft.
Blower 200 CFM
Ash Pan N/A
Weight 303 lbs.
Warranty Limited Lifetime
Efficiency 86.6%

Superior WCT6820 Wood Fireplace

Superior WCT6820 Wood Fireplace

Superior WCT6820 Wood Fireplace

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