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Pelco PC 1520 Biomass Hot Water Boiler

Pelco PC 1520 Biomass Hot Water Boiler

The Pelco PC 1520 is a biomass hot water boiler that is efficient and suited for commercial or industrial needs. A wide variety of people have bought and used this high efficiency boiler for the massive heating capabilities such as farmers, manufacturers and greenhouse operators. The Pelco high efficiency boiler incorporates many fine features that not only allow it to produce low emission levels, but to also increase convenience in operating such a powerful biomass boiler. This hot water boiler is capable of burning wood pellets, coal and agricultural products such as corn, pelletized oat hulls and more!

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The Pelco light industrial biomass boiler is an efficient hot water boiler that directly connects into an existing heating system in a barn, greenhouse, factory, office, home, shop or any other building with a heat exchanger and typically through a flat plate heat exchanger that is installed near the Pelco unit. This biomass boiler has a central firebox which is surrounded by a large capacity water reservoir. The design of the firebox and flue gives a maximum surface area for the most efficient heat transfer. Once the water is heated, it then travels through the building's heating system through underground insulated pipes.



This solid fuel fired light industrial boiler is designed and manufactured to the highest professional standards with superior craftsmanship. The Pelco has an automatic fuel feed, ash removal and flue cleaning to increase convenience and ease of operation. With low emission levels and many, many alternative fuel options, you can burn confident that your heating activities have a minimal impact on the environment. This high efficiency boiler can be used for just about any application, including: car washes, barns, offices, greenhouses and more.





  • Automatic Flue Cleaning
  • Automatic Feed Auger
  • Automatic Ash Removal
  • Hinged Roof For Easy Access
  • Indoor Or Outdoor Installation
  • Multiple Hookup Ports


  • Warning Beacon
  • Locking Firebox Door and Secure Control Panel
  • Dual Door Firebox Access
  • Non-pressurized System
  • Certified Boiler Plate Steel Construction
  • Warnock Hersey Certified to CSA Standard B366.1-M91


  • Multiple Fuel Options
  • Specialty Fuel System For Reduced Emissions
  • Stoker Designed For Efficient Burning And Minimal Clinkers
  • Adjustable Combustion Air Intake And Exhaust



Click here for Single Line PEX Pipe


Click here for Dual Line PEX Pipe



Along with accepting the above organic fuel options to burn, you can select an extremely environmentally friendly pellet fuel from . Using recycled biomass materials, these pellets burn long, hot, and efficiently, allowing you to put waste materials to good use. And since these biomass pellets are specifically created to burn in commercial sized boilers, they make a great and eco-friendly fuel option for use in your Pelco boiler.


Specifications Pelco PC 1520
Height 11 ft.
Width 61 1/4 in.
Water Capacity 220 Gal.
Shipping Weight 5,400 lbs.
Burner Size 28 1/2 inches
Maximum Output BTU* 1,000,000
Computerized Controls Included
Electrical Requirements 220V / 20 amp
Outlet Fitting Sizes 2 inches

*BTU numbers indicated are approximate output values based on fuel value of 8,000 BTU/lb at sea level.

Pelco PC 1520 Biomass Hot Water Boiler

Pelco PC 1520 Biomass Hot Water Boiler

Pelco PC 1520 Biomass Hot Water Boiler
Product Price
Pelco PC 1520 $36,249.15
CL Burner* $1,111.95
CN Burner** $1,336.65
Feed Augers
Feed Auger 3 ft. $793.80
Feed Auger 5 ft. $885.15
Feed Auger 7 ft. $951.30
Feed Auger 9 ft. $1,111.95
Feed Auger 11 ft. $1,179.15
Ash Augers
Ash Auger 4 ft. $444.15
Ash Auger 6 ft. $504.00
Ash Auger 8 ft. $602.70
Ash Auger 10 ft. $707.70
Cyclone (Short Neck)*** $534.45
Digital Panel
SI With Email Option $450.45
SIII $2,252.25

*CL burner is to be used for coal and agricultural cubes.

**CN burner is to be used for corn and wood products.

*** Short neck cyclones will replace chimney tees in existing installations.

Please call or email for information regarding Pelco boilers.  Please specify the model you are interested in and your zip code.  You may also leave your contact information and one of our boiler specialists will contact you at a time that is convenient for you.