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Empyre Pro Series 400 Boiler/Furnace - Discontinued

Empyre Pro Series 400 Indoor or Outdoor Wood Gasification Boiler/Furnace

This product has been discontinued, and all inventory has been sold. This is an informational page for those who have already purchased the unit.

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The high efficiency Empyre Pro Series is leading the way in new high efficiency clean burning technology. For you, this efficiency means savings all around.

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Heat from the Pro Series dual burn chamber is transferred to the furnace's built-in water reservoir through a series of flues. This heated water is then channeled to your home's heating system through underground insulated pipes. The Pro Series' full length back door makes plumbing simple. In a house, the heated water connects directly to the radiant or forced air heating system through a heat exchanger. Similarly the Pro Series heats all domestic hot water through a sidearm heat exchanger installed on the outdoor furnace's hot water tank.


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Specifications Empyre Pro Series 400
Heat Output (Peak) 330,000 BTU/Hr
Heat Output ( 8 Hr Burn) 230,000 BTU/Hr
Heat Output ( 12 Hr Burn) 150,000 BTU/Hr
Heating Area* 6,000 - 8,000 sq. ft
Log Length 34"
Log Diameter 7"
Loading Door Opening 20" X 24"
Furnace Width 49"
Furnace Length 81"
Furnace Height 96"
Furnace Weight 2,610 lb
Firebox Dimensions 28w x 33h x 40d in
Water Capacity 115 US Gal.
EPA White Tag Qualified YES

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