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Pioneer Baker’s Choice Cookstove

The Baker's Choice

The Pioneer Baker's Choice Wood Cookstove is the perfect choice for your cabin or smaller home. This stove was designed by Amish craftsmen.  They welded the steel construction together for a lifetime of trouble-free performance and assembled this stove with standard features such as the backsplash and shelf to store the items that you like to keep handy for cooking and baking.

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  • Top or front loading firebox
  • Custom-molded refractory brick-lined firebox for even heating and efficiency

    Note: There is no warranty on bricks, please be aware, throwing wood into the firebox can cause premature damage.

  • Ashpan for easy cleaning
  • Porcelain knobs
  • Oven thermometer
  • Smooth, polished steel cooktop
  • Heat regulating damper controls
  • The durable stainless steel stove body
  • Finished with corrosion protectant black, high-heat paint, not porcelain enamel
  • Oven door swings out, not down
  • Lid lifter
  • 7" oval to 7" round flue adapter for single-wall stove pipe (crimped end always points down)
  • Right hand side to Flue Center 12"    Left hand side to Flue Center 24"

  • Handmade by Amish craftsmen
  • Safety tested UL1482 / ULC S-627 and CSA B366
  • EPA Exempt (learn more here)
  • Washington State Approved (learn more here)


  • Water reservoir (7 or 7.5 gallons)
  • Warming closet
  • Stainless steel water coil

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PLEASE NOTE: This adapter is shown upside down.
Crimped end always points down.

Baker's Choice Specifications w/out Side Reservoir Specifications with Side Reservoir
Fuel Wood Wood
Overall Dimensions 36" W x 28" D x 53.5" H 43" W x 28" D x 53.5" H
Oven Dimensions 14" W x 22" D x 14" H 14" W x 22" D x 14" H
Fire Box Dimensions 11.5" W x 18.5" D x 14" H 11.5" W x 18.5" D x 14" H
Ash Pan Dimensions 9.5" W × 4" D x 21" L 9.5" W × 4" D x 21" L
Cooking Surface 34" W x 21.5" D x 32.5" H 41" W x 21.5" D x 32.5" H
Flue - Adapter is included 7" Oval Flue 7" Oval flue
Venting Location Rear Rear
Weight 380 lbs 430 lbs
Heating Capacity Up to 2,000 sq. ft. Up to 2,000 sq. ft.
Water Reservoir SS - Built on RH Side of Cooktop N/A 7 Gallons / 8" W x 16" L x 12" D
Clearances To Combustibles
Front 48" 48"
Rear 28.5" 28.5"
Left Side 27" 27"
Right Side 27" 27"

This stove is not mobile home approved nor EPA approved. Cookstoves are nationally exempt from EPA regulations. Learn more about EPA exemptions here.

Detailed Dimensions are as follows:

28" deep + 2.5" for handles = 30.5" overall deep

32" wide cooktop + 4" for handles = overall width of 36"   

32" height for the cooktop

33.25" height to the flue collar

Depth of stove with rear reservoir   = 28"

Width of stove with side reservoir  43" wide


An oval to round adapter comes with the stove.  This creates an offset and the adapter protrudes out 5.5" off the back of the flue collar.  This 5.5" must be added to the stove depth of 28" (28" + 5.5" = 33" total stove depth) for clearance purposes.

When facing the front of the stove, the flue collar on the stove is positioned 12" from the right side to the center of the hole.  The flue collar is 33.25" high from the floor.  The flue collar protrudes out 4" from the back edge of the stove.

The rear water reservoir sits 4" on the back of the stove and 4" on the flue collar and does not overhang the flue collar.  Adding the rear water reservoir does not change stove clearances.

The Baker's Choice Wood Cookstove

Pioneer Baker's Choice Wood Cookstove

Pioneer Baker’s Choice Cookstove

Pioneer Baker’s Choice Cookstove

Shipping:   Residential, curbside delivery via freight truck with a lift gate is included in the Continental U.S.A. (some exceptions may apply). Please inquire with our sales staff if you have specific shipping needs such as international, freight terminal and/or business deliveries or if you need a smaller truck size. Click here to see Obadiah's Shipping Terms.

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Obadiah's GREAT & Love the cookstove!
September 5, 2013
Reviewer: Karl Geary - NY State
Let me start with the company I bought my cookstove from, "Obadiah." From what I can tell, It's a smaller mom and pop operation. From the purchase to install, these guys were just great. I was installing the stove myself and Woody, himself a fireman, sized and recommended the best route the pipe should take, etc. Even when I had to call a few times with banal questions, they were patient to the last. Now the stove is in and I am very very grateful to them for their help and support. The stove itself: It's simple, functional and very effective. I use it to heat an area about 1450 sf, this it does with ease. The space is pretty well insulated, but still an old house and there are air leaks. The oven is great, bit of a learning curve there. But I think that says more about me than the stove. Otherwise, I gotta say, I love this stove.

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