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Osburn 7000 Pellet Stove

Osburn 7000 Pellet Stove

Take charge of the heat in your home!

Osburn really turns up the heat with this modern pellet stove. Cutting-edge, bottom-fed combustion technology and a hopper capacity of 125 pounds allows the Osburn 7000 a combustion time of up to 92 hours while, the 70,000 BTU/h heating capacity combined with the 500 CFM blower make heating your home easier than ever! The Osburn 7000 stays true to the modern design by including an intuitive touchscreen display for user-friendly control. This stove, with two door overlay design options, adds the finishing touch to your contemporary style.

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  •     Modern pedestal design and innovative bottom fed combustion system.
  •     User friendly electronic ignition.
  •     Has the ability to operate in thermostatic or manual mode.
  •     Easy to operate touchscreen
  •     Mobile home approved
  •     Equipped with a thermodisc
  •     Choose from 2 door overlay options
  •     500CFM Blower included
  •     High Quality Stainless Steel Baffle


With the proper maintenance, your Osburn 7000 Pellet Stove will allow for many years of comforting heat. It is recommended to maintain a regular cleaning schedule of your unit to ensure maximum performance.
Example Maintenance Schedule:

Components Weekly or after +250 lb Twice a year or after 1 ton Annually or after 2 tons
Baffle Vacuum    
Bottom Airwash Inlet Vacuum    
Burn Pot Scrape/Vacuum    
Glass Clean    
Ash Drawer Empty/Vacuum    
Combustion Chamber Vacuum Vacuum/Brush*  
Heat Exchanger Tubes Brush Scrape/Vacuum*  
Exhaust Channels (through access traps)   Vacuum*  
Exhaust Blower   Vacuum*  
Combustions Blower   Inspect*  
Convection Blower   Vacuum*  
Venting System   Inspect/Sweep* Sweep and Clean
Gaskets   Inspect  
Hopper     Empty/Vacuum

* Cleaning frequency may vary depending on the type of fuel used. Fuel with higher ash content will increase cleaning frequency.

Clearance Requirements

  Clearance to combustables
A 3"(76mm)
B 6" (152mm)
C 3" (76mm)
D Refer to Manufacturers clearances
I 72" (1,829mm)







General Pellet Burning Information

Each type of pellet has it's own properties and will burn differently. This also applies to the amount of ashes that will be produced. Conventional pellets are 1/4" or 5/16" in diameter and not over 1" long. Pellets that excede these measurements will prevent proper pellet feed. In addition, pellets that are very short will accumulate and pile into the feed screws more easily, causing a more dense volume, increasing the BTU. The contrary is true for longer pellets, which pile less, reducing the BTU potential.



Specifications Osburn 7000 Pellet Stove
Height 41 1/4"
Width 24"
Depth 34 1/2"
Glass Surface 13 1/8" X 10 7/8"
Weight 468 lb (212 kg)
Fuel Pellet
Heat Capacity 1,000- 2,800 sq.ft.
Maximum Burn Time 92 Hrs
Efficiency 79.9%
Emissions 2.5g/ hr
Hopper Capacity 125 lb (57 kg)
Chimney Diameter 4"
BTU's 70,000 MAX
Combustion Technology Bottom Fed
Door Overlay Options Standard Black or Brushed Nickel
Osburn 7000 Pellet Stove with Black Door Overlay
Osburn 7000 Pellet Stove
Osburn 7000 Pellet Stove with Gold Door Overlay
Osburn 7000 Pellet Stove
Osburn 7000 Pellet Stove with Brushed Nickel Door Overlay
Osburn 7000 Pellet Stove
Osburn 7000 back view with measurements.
Osburn 7000 Pellet Stove
Osburn 7000 front view with measurements
Osburn 7000 Pellet Stove
Osburn 7000 side view with measurements
Osburn 7000 Pellet Stove
Osburn 7000 top view with measurements
Osburn 7000 Pellet Stove
Model Price
Osburn 7000 Pellet Stove *Must choose Door Overlay - See Options Below $4,699
Black Cast Iron Door Overlay $100
Brushed Nickel Cast Iron Door Overlay $290
3" Fresh Air Intake Kit $69
Hot Air Distribution Kit $240
Thermostatic Control On/Off Remote $210
Remote Control Programmable Thermostatic $280

All Retail Prices Include: Residential, curbside delivery via freight truck with a lift gate is included for shipping in the Continental U.S.A. (some exceptions may apply). Please inquire with our sales staff if you have specific shipping needs such as international, freight terminal and/or business deliveries or if you need a smaller truck size. Click here to see Obadiah's Shipping Terms.

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