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Obadiah’s 1500 Catalytic Wood Stove - Discontinued

Obadiah's 1500 Catalytic Wood Stove

This product has been discontinued as it does not meet 2020 EPA requirements. This page is for informational purposes only.

The Obadiah's 1500 Freestanding Catalytic Wood Stove by High Valley is a high performance woodstove in a small package. A 2.5 cu. ft. firebox allows for longer burn time and heats up to 2,000 sq. ft. A large, high impact ceramic window provides an unobstructed view of the fire and adds an aura of warmth to any room.

The 1500 model offer's a very quiet 75 CFM blower, that really helps to distribute the heat. This is one of the quietest blowers available on any wood stove. The Obadiah's Freestanding Woodstove series by High Valley offers versitatility when it comes to design and style choices. With a wide variety of options and finishes, the model 1500 will fit any contemporary or traditional style decor.

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Our goal at Obadiah's is to provide our customers with well-built, long lasting products, that really crank out the heat. The Obadiah's model 1500 Catalytic Wood Stove by High Valley does exactly that! The Obadiah's 1500 Wood Stove is constructed of 1/8" steel, making it one of the thickest, most durable steel stoves on the market today. If your looking for a well-built, Catalytic Wood Stove, the Obadiah's 1500 is a sure buy. 


  • Cast Iron Door
  • Catalytic Combustion
  • Flat Black Finish


  • Plated Door Color Options, Copper and Dark Pewter
  • 8" - 6" Flue Reducer - Safely reduce the 8" to fit your standard 6" flue.
  • Hand-Rubbed Color Finishes Available in Bronze, and Copper
  • Catalyst Thermometer

Specifications Obadiahs 1500 Catalytic Woodstove
Stove Dimensions with Pedestal (Includes Temp Probe & Flue Collar) 30 1/2" H x 29 3/4" W x 24 1/2" D
Stove Dimensions with Legs (Includes Temp Probe & Flue Collar) 30 1/2" H x 29 3/4" W x 24 1/2" D
Stove Dimensions as an Insert (Includes Temp Probe & Flue Collar) 20 1/2" H 29 3/4" W 24 1/2" D
Weight 386 lbs
Firebox Volume 2.5 cu ft
Output 45,000 BTU/hr
Heating Capacity Up to 2,000 sq ft
Burn Time 8-12 hrs
Efficiency 83%
Emissions 3.4 gr/hr
Max Log Length 21"
Flue Size 8" Approved for 6" pipe with 8" to 6" adapter
Blower 75 CFM
Floor Protector for Freestanding UL 1618 Type 2 R = 0.45
Minimum Size US = 44" W x 43" D
Obadiah's 1500 Freestanding Pedestal Wood Stove in Black with Black Door
Obadiah's 1500 Catalytic Wood Stove
Obadiah's 1500 Freestanding Cast Iron Legs Wood Stove with Black Door
Obadiah's 1500 Catalytic Wood Stove
Obadiah 1500 Wood Stove 8" Flue Collar
Obadiah 1500 Wood Stove 8
Obadiah's 1500 Wood Stove Flue Collar Assembly
Obadiah 1500 Wood Stove 8
Obadiah 1500 Wood Stove 8"-6" Flue Collar Reducer
Obadiah 1500 Wood Stove 8

Residential, curbside delivery via freight truck with a lift gate is $100 charge for shipping in the Continental U.S.A. (some exceptions may apply). Please inquire with our sales staff if you have specific shipping needs such as international, freight terminal and/or business deliveries or if you need a smaller truck size. Click here to see Obadiah's Shipping Terms.

  • Obadiah's offer's a 15% discount and free shipping on most complete chimney systems. Contact our chimney specialists for an exact quote.


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