Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Timberline BonFire Wood Heater

Timberline Bonfire Wood Heater

The Bonfire is a great hot tub and pool heater for all sizes. It is made of lightweight aluminum, so it is easier to move for seasonal pool owners and will never rust. The front face plate comes in aluminum or painted metal. Included, are 3 lengths of chimney, totaling 9 feet, plus as stainless steel rain cap. A stainless steel flue adjustment in the chimney allows you to accurately control the fire. The interior fire box contains water baffles for extra heat as well as a cast iron wood grate. An easy to clean ash tray is also used to remove ashes and add extra air ventilation during operation. An internal water temperature probe allows you to quickly read the operating water temp and make adjustments.

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  • Clean – no wood debris ends up in the tub as you do not load fire wood from inside the tub
  • More Internal Space – all the internal room in the hot tub or pool can be used
  • Full Cover – a full cover can be used which allow the tub to retain the heat when not in use so it can be used again
  • No smoke or ashes – the chimney sits away from the bathers and as such is less likely to create any irritation from smoke to the bathers
  • Material - Aluminum
  • Dimensions - 732 X 466 x 491 (28.8" X 18.3" x 19.3")
  • Weight - 30 Kg (66 lbs.)
  • Power Rating - 20 Kw (70,000 BTU)
  • Includes- Complete heater, 3 sections of stainless steel stove pipe, rain cap, internal temperature gauge, cast iron grates, pressure release valve, ½" drain valve








Timberline Bonfire Wood Heater

Timberline Bonfire Wood Heater

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