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Saunacore CHSH Digital Sauna Heater

Saunacore CHSH Digital Sauna Heater

Saunacore CHSH Digital Sauna Heaters are manufactured in North America. The 5 available sizes range from the 4.0 KW all the way up to the 9.0 KW electric sauna heater. Made of surgical stainless steel, these sauna heaters are built to last the test of time. The lifetime warranty that comes with these heaters completely backs up the quality of the construction and design. Order yours from Obadiah's Woodstoves today!

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  • Heat deflector surrounding rock tray directs heat into sauna, whereas others heat directly upwards over heater.
  • Precisely engineered baffled shell construction provides enhanced air flow for quicker heat-up time.
  • Extremely well ventilated body construction can allow heater run up to 50 degrees cooler than other comparable sauna heaters.
  • Cold air at floor level is sucked up from the open underside of the heater and flows through the hot rock compartment, creating the air convection method in motion throughout sauna.
  • Can be mounted on straight wall or in a corner.
  • Ultra long life Incoloy heating elements. More durable than copper or stainless steel elements.
  • Built-in high temperature safety cut-off switch.
  • 100% Surgical Stainless Steel (304 grade) construction, including shell, inner baffles, frame and rock tray.
  • Lifetime warranty!





Saunacore CHSH Digital Sauna Heater

Saunacore CHSH Digital Sauna Heater

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