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Northern Lights Elite Series Hot Tub - Disconnected

Northern Lights Elite Series Hot Tub - Disconnected

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available. This page is for informational purposes only.

Northern Lights Elite Series Hot Tubs focus on using very efficient hydraulic systems, which make it possible to provide 16 standard jets.  These cedar hot tubs are available in 2 sizes; 6' 2" or 7'.  The 7' wood hot tub can accommodate up to 24 jets.  The jets are arranged in a high and low couples pattern for lower and mid back areas.  As a super hydro therapy hot tub, these tubs are built with minimal energy costs in mind.  Standard height is 4' and there is an optional height of 5'.  These hot tubs can be heated in 4 different ways; Electric only, Hybrid Electric & Gas, Hybrid Electric & House Boiler Heat or Thermal Solar with backup Electric or Natural Gas heat.  Order yours today!


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  • The Elite hot tub comes standard with the EL2000 spa pack and the ML700 8-button Panel. This combination provides improved control features that are not available in the standard tubs.  These include:
  1. Time of day programming for the filter cycle on both a 12 hr or 24 hr repetitive cycle
  2. Period maintenance reminders (clean filter for example)
  3. Ozone suppression (ozone is not produced when people are using the tub)
  4. Clean-Up cycle (ozonator and filtering occurs after use of tub automatically)
  5. Standard in Economy mode feature
  6. Panel Lock (prevents changing of the settings, by hot tub users)
  7. Ability to add wireless remote control and monitoring option (the Spa Monitor system)
  8. Ability to provide only Jets and Light buttons and hide the main panel from hot tub users
  • Dual VGB suction design for the Jet hydraulic system. This in an entrapment prevention approach and is deployed even though the suction wall fittings are hidden underneath the seats.
  • Floor drain system, allows removing all of the water for cleaning purposes. Standard hot tub leaves about 1 inch of water in the bottom, which needs to be removed by other means.
  • Alternate rear connection possibility.
  • Dual 50 sq ft filters which increases pump efficiency and increases time between filter cleaning.
  • Dual 22 bulb LED Lights.
  • Optional jet circuit anti-freeze piping and freeze protection sensor that prevents stagnant water in the jets piping from freezing. Used only in areas with freezing winters.
  • Optionally the spa pack can be changed to a BP2000 model and in that case a menu-based top side control panel, the TP800, is also available. This BP2000 model also supports the optional BWA Wi-Fi transceiver module and the BBA Bluetooth module. The former allows you to check and adjust the tub from any location that has Internet access using an iPhone/iPad or an Android smart phone/Tablet. The latter allows you to select and play your favorite music from a Bluetooth capable player, such as a smartphone, directly through the hot tub control panel.



  • Three Level Seating

  • Venturi Corona Discharge System

  • Top Side Panels

  • BWA Wi-fi Remote Control

  • BBA Bluetooth Music System



Northern Lights Elite Series Hot Tub 74" (6' 2") 84" (7')
Number of Jets 16 or 20 16, 20 or 24
Person Capacity 8 10
Volume of Water & Weight 628 Gal & 5500 lbs 825 Gal & 7200 lbs
Number of Jet Pumps 2 2
Drain Floor and Skid Plate Floor and Skid Plate
LED Lights 2 2
Normal Filter Cleaning Interval 6-8 Weeks 6-8 Weeks



Northern Lights Elite Series Hot Tub - Disconnected

Northern Lights Elite Series Hot Tub - Disconnected

Northern Lights Elite Series Hot Tub - Disconnected

Northern Lights Elite Series Hot Tub - Disconnected

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