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Nectre N65 Wood Stove

Nectre N65 Wood Stove

The Nectre N65 Wood Stove is one of the cleanest burning wood stoves on the market. With its elegant design, simple operation, powerful heating, high efficiency, and low emissions, the N65 is an excellent choice for any modern home. Made in Australia, this stove's design results in a very small footprint, and the wood storage area below the firebox means you have easily accessible firewood on those cold winter mornings.

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  • The Nectre N65 heats up to 2,150 square feet!
  • 10 hr burn time
  • EPA 2020 Certified
  • Finished in black metallic paint
  • Steel door with ceramic glass
  • 6" stove pipe diameter
  • Rear clearance 10" (254mm)
  • Approved hardwood storage box
  • 2 x 6.0mm steel baffle plate
  • Steel firebrick retainer
  • Concealed ash-pan
  • Lower wood storage
  • Shipping Weight 419 lbs

Specifications Nectre N65 Wood Stove
Fuel Type Dry Cordwood
Heating Area 2,150 sq. ft.
Firebox Volume 1.67 cu. ft.
Max Burn Time 10 hrs.
Max Heat Output 68,500 BTU
Average Particulate Emissions Rate 1.98 g/hr.
Max Log Length 12.5"
Chimney Diameter 6"
Flue Outlet Diameter 6"
Shipping Weight 419 lb
Minimum Chimney Height 15 ft.
Overall Dimensions ( H x W x D) 40-7/8"H x 22-3/4"W x 20"D
USA Standards (Emissions) EPA 2020
Clearance to Combustibles
Back Wall to Stove (Single Wall Pipe / Double Wall Pipe) 13" / 10"
Corner to Stove (Single Wall Pipe / Double Wall Pipe) 10.5" / 6"
Side Wall to Stove (Single Wall Pipe / Double Wall Pipe) 12" / 12




Nectre N65 Wood Stove

Nectre N65 Wood Stove

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