Thursday, April 9, 2020

Napoleon S9 Contemporary Wood Stove

Napoleon S9 Contemporary Wood Stove

Napoleon’s S9 Wood Stove is a new contemporary, EPA approved, wood burning stove.  It comes complete with a modern cast iron door and pedestal base in a metallic charcoal finish. This new wood stove features a slide out ash drawer with a removable ash pan and lid for easy cleaning. The Napleon S9 Wood Stove also features a “secure lock” lever action door handle that remains in a convenient open position when the door is open. This makes refueling safe and easy.  If you are looking for a clean, contemporary wood stove with the latest in wood burning technology, this is it!

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  • Up to 85,000 BTU’s
  • Removable stainless steel floating secondary air manifold
  • Hidden hinges and extra large glass viewing area
  • Contemporary EPA wood stove complete with contemporary cast door and cast pedestal base
  • Precision “Easy Glide” ash drawer with removable ash pan complete with lid for convenient and easy disposal
  • “Secure Lock” lever action door handle remains in a convenient up position while re-loading fuel
  • Removable handle sleeve for added safety
  • Convenient holder for handle sleeve located in slide out ash drawer
  • Heavy duty 5/16″ firebox top
  • Vortex™ combustion system
  • Ceramic fiber baffle system
  • Metallic charcoal finish
  • Optional door accent trim in satin chrome plated finish
  • The S9 comes complete, ready for installation



Specifications Napoleon S9 Contemporary Wood Stove
Dimensions 25 1/2" W x 34" H x 31 1/4" D
Firebox Capacity 18" W x 12" H x 22 1/2" D
Wood Length 21"
Flue Size 6"
Heat Output 85,000 BTU's
Approx. Heated Area Up to 3500 Square Feet
Stove Weight 285 lbs.
Brick Weight 114 lbs.
Clearances to Combustibles
Side 22"
Rear 12"
Corner 8"






Napoleon S9 Wood Stove

Napoleon S9 Wood Stove

Napoleon S9 Wood Stove

Napoleon S9 Wood Stove

Napoleon S9 Wood Stove

Napoleon S9 Wood Stove

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