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Napoleon NCPF110 Multi Fuel Furnace - Discontinued

Napoleon NCPF110 Multi Fuel Furnace - Discontinued

This product has been discontinued and all inventory has been sold. This is an informational page for those who have already purchased the unit.

The Napoleon NCPF110 multi fuel furnace is a superior biomass hot air furnace that delivers a lot of heat to keep residential or commercial buildings warm and comfortable. With the amazing efficiency that comes with burning organic fuels such as corn and wheat, you can heat your building in a more environmentally friendly manner, as opposed to using materials that are not eco-friendly to burn, such as oil. And since the cost of purchasing corn, wheat or pellets is lower than buying oil and gas to burn, you can save money while reducing your carbon footprint.

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The Napoleon NCPF110 is a multi fuel furnace capable of burning corn, wheat, or pellets to deliver environmentally friendly energy that heats your residential or commercial space (up to 3,600 square feet).

Biomass Energy To Alternative Comparison

There are a number of other features that make this biomass hot air furnace a great purchase. As illustrated in the graph above, the renewable sources of energy that this eco-friendly furnace uses are not only better for the planet to burn, but they are also cheaper to purchase. With an optional wall thermostat installed, it can control the fuel feed system to provide a constant temperature. And when the clean-burning furnace is low on fuel, the controller flashes and a buzzer will remind you that it is time to refuel. Instead of using inefficient power venting, a natural venting system uses a slower exhaust to increase efficiency. The combustion blower supplies the exact amount of air to the burner needed for complete burning and maximum heat transfer. And with a top loading fuel feed system that keeps the burn pot and fuel storage separate, there is no risk for burn back when using this biomass heating system.

For a clean and efficient burning furnace that delivers a powerful amount of heat to keep residential and commercial buildings warm without damaging the environment, the Napoleon NCPF 110 makes for an excellent choice at a great price.



High Efficiency

  • Horizontal, high performance heat exchanger system designed for maximum heat transfer. Provides 18.4 sq. ft. of heating surface
  • Natural venting system, as opposed to mechanical power venting results in a slower exhaust process increasing overall efficiency
  • Combustion blower ensures the exact amount of air is supplied to the burner for complete combustion through the system to maximize heat transfer
  • Top loading fuel feed system separates burn pot and fuel storage eliminating risk of burn back
  • Rugged commercial grade auger feeds the precise amount of biomass fuel from the hopper into the burn pot and provides varying levels of heat

Convenience / Versatility

  • Automatic fuel feed for convenience and peace of mind
  • Versatile, rear or top mount capability for exhaust flue and return air plenum designed to fit a variety of installation applications
  • Large bottom front door provides easy access for servicing of burn pot or ash reservoir
  • Optional stand-by burn pot is available to eliminate down time when burn pot is removed for cleaning, simply clean and exchange at your leisure
  • Corn must be sifted prior to placing in the hopper to alleviate naturally occurring dust particles

Three Stage Control System For Optimum Performance

  • First mode starts the fire
  • Idle mode trickle feeds the burn pot to maintain a small core fire in anticipation of the thermostat calling for heat
  • Once the thermostat is satisfied and desired room temperature is reached, 13 the system automatically returns to idle mode
  • High temperature shut off protection

One Touch Setup / Service

  • Digitally controlled furnace
  • Choose from corn and pellet or a mixture of both fuel selections
  • LCD display and touch button control system for fully automatic control
  • Choice of Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature indicator


Specifications Napoleon NCPF 110
Heating Capacity Up to 118,000 BTU’s (up to 3600 sq.ft.)**
Furnace Efficiency 80%
Hopper Capacity - 8 bushels (10 cu. ft. ) 8 bags of corn (448 lbs), 10 bags of pellets (400 lbs)*, 8 bags of wheat (444 lbs)
Fuel Rate 2 - 15 lbs / hr*
Working Voltage 220 Volt, 15 Amp
Flue Pipe 6” diameter (15 cm)
Venting Options Class “A”, “L” vent or masonry chimney with stainless steel liner
Flue gas temp @ 20” above furnace outlet 266 – 392ºF, (130 - 200ºC) depending on the run mode
Running Modes First fire: Starting the burn pot, Low mode: Low heat (Spring & Fall), High mode: High heat (Winter), Idle mode: Keep core fi re burning for automatic thermostatic control
Combustion Air Blower 150 cfm (255 m3 / hr)
Plenum Opening For Hot Air Outlet 18” x 14” (457 x 356 mm)
Return Air Opening 18” x 14” (457 x 356 mm) Designed to accept standard furnace fi lter block
Burn Pot 310 Stainless steel (9 GA), double walled with dual combustion air induction inlets
Heat Exchanger Steel boiler plate, heavy duty tubes
Auger Motor High torque, fan cooled (3/4 hp)
Forced Air Blower 1800 cfm (3060 m3 / hr)
Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) 51” x 52” x 57”
Weight (Furnace And Hopper) 770 lbs approx (350 kg)
Weight (Furnace Only) 560 lbs (255 kg)
Shovel Adds fuel to the burn pot for initial start up
Scraper Exhaust housing scraper
Wire Brush Heat exchanger brush

* Depending on quality and moisture content of fuel used.
** Figures may vary with individual conditions such as floor plan layout, insulation value/heat loss of the home, geographical location and the fuel used.



Napoleon NCPF110 Multi Fuel Furnace - Discontinued

Inquire about an optional wall thermostat, and stand-by burn pot when you order you Napoleon NCPF 100.


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