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Napoleon 1400C Banff Cast Iron Stove - Discontinued

1400C Napoleon Cast Iron Wood Cookstove

This product has been discontinued, this page is up for informational purposes only. 


The 1400C Banff™ cast-iron stove features Napoleon's advanced wood-burning technology that provides you with the cleanest, most efficient heating experience. With an impressive capability to produce up to 70,000 BTU/h, the 1400C comfortably heats up to 2,000 ft². The solid cast iron design boasts a European style, a single decorative arched door with ceramic glass and a large view of the fire. An elegant and convenient lift top lid exposes the hotter surface of the stove's heavy gauge steel top - ideal for quick cooking. Available in a traditional painted black or rich porcelain enamel Majolica Brown finish.

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  • EPA approved featuring Napoleon's advanced wood-burning technology
  • Solid cast-iron European design
  • Single arched cast-iron door with ceramic glass
  • Standard rear shield reduces clearances to combustibles
  • Ash pan comes standard
  • Full refractory lined firebox allows complete combustion and higher efficiency
  • Mobile home approved
  • Available in Metallic Black or porcelain enamel Majolica Brown


  • Variable speed blower
  • Thermostatic sensor control
  • Outside air kit with 4 ft. insulated flex pipe and through the wall vent

Specifications Model 1400C Wood Stove
Overall Dimensions 28" W x 28.5" H x 27" D
Firebox Capacity 2.25 ft³
Weight 450 lbs
Approved Area Heated Up to 2,000 ft²
Heat output Up to 41,300 BTU/h*
Heat output (high burn) Up to 70,000 BTU/h**
Burn Time (low fire) 9 hours
Emissions (grams per hour) 3.5
Catalytic combustor No
Mobile home approved Yes
Maximum log length 18"
Blower kit available Yes
Flue diameter 6"
Clearance to Combustibles Single Wall Connector Double Wall Connector
Side Wall 12" 10"
Side Wall to Flue 21¾" 19¾"
Back Wall 12" 6"
Back Wall to Flue 16½" 10½"
Corner 6" 4"
Ceiling 84" 84"

* EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) rated BTU/h with softwood test fuel (for emissions only) - no refueling

** Wolf Steel's own test results showing realistic BTU using hardwood logs with regular refueling. Heat output will differ on chimney draft as well as type, moisture content and size of wood.

Note: Figures may vary with individual conditions such as floor plan layout, insulation value/heat loss of the house, geographical location and firewood use. Please refer to the manual for installation specifications and warranty.

1400C Napoleon Cast Iron Wood Cookstove
Optional Heat Circulating Blower
1400C Napoleon Cast Iron Wood Cookstove
Lift Top Lid
1400C Napoleon Cast Iron Wood Cookstove

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If you are planning to cook with a cookstove, you will need to understand some basic fire safety. Remember, extinguishing a grease or oil fire with water is not a good idea.

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    Napoleon 1400c wood stove review
    December 18, 2015
    Reviewer: Tahoe Ron
    Napoleon 1400c in black finish review

    By Tahoe Ron from South Lake Tahoe, California

    This fireplace replaced a 40 year old wood stove that was used to heat a 1200 sf "A" frame cabin with open beamed ceilings in South Lake Tahoe, California. This wood stove is the sole source of heat for the place. This review is specific to this type of open floor plan during 20 to 50 degree winter conditions. 1. Buy the optional blower. It 's needed to push the heat out from the stove and to keep stove temp's steady. 2. Unless you are heating a standard sized room with standard ceilings, you will need an additional fan to move the heat around. Our stove is positioned in front of the cabin and we placed a fan behind and just above the stove itself. Set on low, the fan pushes the heat throughout. This is a must! Without it, we were only able to heat the general area around the fireplace. 3. Buy a thermometer. We installed ours on the stove top heating area. 4. All stoves need to be broken in. Took us about 40 hrs before full heat output was obtained. I would recommend this wood stove.

    Very nice looking. Solid construction. Hybrid type with cast iron jacket. Fires up fast and heats up nicely.

    1. Blower is optional. It should be standard 2. An additional fan is needed for an open floor plan to really push heat thoughout. 3. Does not come with a thermometer. 4. Trap door to ash bin is too small. Not very effective.

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