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Majestic Dutchwest 2479 Large Stove - Discontinued

Majestic Dutchwest 2479 Small Stove

This product has been discontinued and all inventory has been sold. This page is for informational purposes only.

With less than 1.5 grams/hr, Dutchwest non-catalytic wood stoves from Majestic are among the cleanest in the wood stove industry and earn high marks with the EPA for their outstanding emissions performance. Combine that with classic styling, sturdy cast iron construction, remarkable state-of-the-art features and efficiency, and you have a wood stove that can't be beat!

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Three sizes are available (small, medium and large) to suit any heating need. Large glass front doors allow for maximum viewing and an optional convection air blower augments the superior radiant heating ability of cast iron construction to deliver heat throughout your home.


  • EVERBURN non-catalytic combustion system – A stable long burning non-catalytic combustion system with similar emissions to a catalytic woodstove, as low as 1.31 grams/hr.
  • Durable refractory lining provides a durable insulated firebox while protecting the stoveʼs cast iron parts.
  • Front & side-loading – The stoves convenient side loading feature provides easy access when loading the stove.
  • Leg levelers – Allows the stove to be installed on uneven or rough surfaces.
  • Ash pan – Convenient ash disposal.
  • “Fall away” handle – Cool to the touch “fall away” handles are easily stowed at the side of the stove.
  • Ash lip – Large ash lip adds to the stoves cleanliness by catching ashes when using the front-loading door.
  • Large glass – Large clean glass area.
  • Top and rear reversible flue collar – The top and rear reversible flue collar design allows you to choose between the top and rear venting configurations.
  • 100% outside air connection standard – An outside air connection with a 3-inch diameter equipment connection flange is standard with the stove. A 3-inch outside air kit is required to complete outside air installation. The 100% outside air connection ensures that all of the air necessary to support combustion in the stove is taken from outside the home. No room air is used to support the fire.
  • Beautiful andirons. Besides their decorative appeal, they help contain wood load.


  • Fan kit with rheostat
  • Side heat shield
  • Flue collar heat shield
  • Outside air termination kit
  • Mobile home kit - 2477 stove only (U.S. and Canada)

Specifications Dutchwest 2479 (Non-Catalytic)
Max Heat Output 55,000 BTUs/hr
Efficiency Rating 63%
EPA Emissions Rating 1.31 grams/hr
Heating Capacity 1,000-2,400 sq ft
Log Size 22"
Burn Time up to 14 hrs
Flue Collar Size 6"

Majestic Dutchwest 2479 Small Stove

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