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La Nordica Rosa Reverse Wood Cookstove

La Nordica Rosa Reverse Wood Cookstove

The Rosa Reverse Cookstove by La Nordica is a Cast Iron Wood Cook Range imported from Italy! This product combines excellent European quality at an affordable price *includes delivery (some exceptions apply)*

Note: The Rosa Reverse Wood Cookstove is not UL approved. This may cause a problem with your homeowner's insurance. Please check with your insurance company prior to making a purchase. 

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Note: The stove is not currently UL listed. Please follow your local building code.

**Currently taking orders for summer/fall 2020 delivery**


The La Nordica Rosa Reverse is the same stove as the Rosa Reverse Sinistra, however, this is a Right-hand flue. When the flue is moved to the right hand, this also moves the oven to the right, while the firebox will be on the left-hand side of the stove. Please note: the regular Rosa Reverse with Right Hand Flue is NOT available in the soapstone finish. The Rosa Reverse is the ONLY La Nordica stoves with Outside Air Connection. 

The Rosa Reverse has the same overall size of the Rosa Maiolica Wood Cookstove, however, the Reverse model features a larger firebox, with a smaller oven. The Rosa Reverse Wood Cookstove is ideal for those who want to achieve longer burn times, and do not require a large baking oven. With a burn time of up to 10 hours, the Rosa Reverse Italian made Wood Cookstove is sure to keep you warm during the Holiday season.

The La Nordica Rosa Reverse Wood Burning Cooker combines everything you expect from a traditional cooker and engineered to modern European standards, the La Nordica Rosa Reverse range cooker has appeal for both the contemporary and traditional home. The Rosa Reverse wood cookstove is remarkably a beautiful cast iron range cooker, the La Nordica Rosa Reverse has removable hob rings and a large storage drawer for either pans or logs. 

Rosa Reverse Wood Cook Stove Features

  • Adjustable primary air
  • Adjustable secondary air
  • Pre-adjusted third Air
  • 8.1kW Nominal heat output
  • 10kW Maximum heat output
  • Removable hob rings
  • Heat control damper
  • Temperature gauge
  • Chrome fender
  • Door opening size - 355mm x 248mm
  • Firebox size - 374mm x 321mm x 326mm
  • Oven Size - 245mm x 300mm x 382mm
  • Average hourly fuel consumption - 2.3 kg/hr


  • Choice of color - Burgundy or Parchment
  • Extra Oven Rack

Specifications Rosa Reverse Wood Cookstove
Overall Dimensions 40.5"W x 33.7"H x 25.6"D
Stove Footprint 35" wide by 25" deep
Firebox Opening 13.7"W x 9.25"H
Firebox Size 14.7"W x 11.4"H x 12.6"D
Oven Size 9.6"W x 11.8"H x 15.1"D
Weight 403 lb
Flue Location Top or Rear Vent
Chimney Flue Diameter 5.9" (outer diameter) (adapter required to connect to 6" chimney)
Minimum Chimney Height 13.1'
Chimney Diameter 7.9"
Firebox Material Cast Iron
BTU Output 28,000 BTU
Efficiency 81.1 %
Approx. Avg Wood Consumption 5.1 lb/h
Clearances (Protected Wall) - Rear / Side / Front 12" / 12" / 39.5"
Clearances (Unprotected Wall) - Rear / Side / Front 16" / 12" / 39.5"
Minimum Hearth Pad Size 56.5"W x 46"D
Hearth Pad Requirements Non-Combustible Material - Brick, Ceramic Tile, Sheet Metal, Granite, etc...
Oven Rack Dimensions 40.6"W x 33.7"H x 25.6"D

Rosa Reverse Wood Cookstove Product Dimensions

La Nordica Rosa Reverse Wood Cookstove

La Nordica Rosa Reverse Wood Cookstove

La Nordica Rosa Reverse Wood Cookstove

La Nordica Rosa Reverse Wood Cookstove

La Nordica Rosa Reverse Wood Cookstove

La Nordica Rosa Reverse Wood Cookstove
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