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La Nordica Rosa Maiolica Cookstove

La Nordica Rosa Maiolica Cookstove

The Rosa Maiolica Model Wood Cookstove is a delight in regard to quality form and function, making for a happy chef and stove tender.  Made in Italy by La Nordica, a well known designer and manufacturer of kitchen wood stoves, this model has a lot to offer - including top quality materials in a range of bold colors!

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Europeans value quality cooking appliances that are designed to meet rigorous international standards in heat output criteria and emission parameters.  The Rosa Maiolica and all La Nordica-Extraflame products are certified to the strictest standards to offer maximum efficiency and minimum consumption.


  • External facing in maiolica tiles
  • Panoramic Enameled oven
  • Firebox entirely in cast iron
  • Panoramic fire door with ceramic glass
  • Frame, plate, and rings in a cast-iron
  • Wood drawer
  • Adjustable primary air
  • Adjustable secondary air
  • Obadiah's inventory is UL Safety Tested to UL and ULC (USA and Canadian) standards

La Nordica Rosa Maiolica Wood Cookstove
Overall Dimensions 40.6"W x 33.5"H x 25.3"D
Firebox opening size 8.8"W x 10.4"H
Firebox size 10.6" W x 12.6"H x 14.3"D
Oven size 13" x 11.8" x 16"
Weight 450 lb
Flue 5.9" (150 mm)
Adapter required for flue RDI - 65.5
Firebox material Cast Iron
Heating Capacity Approximately 1200 sq. ft. in a well insulated home, or 700 feet in an averagely insulated home
Nominal thermal power Up to 28,662 BTU/h
Efficiency 87.1%
Hourly wood consumption 5 lbs/h
Outside Air Connection Yes
Clearances Combustible Wall
Rear 15.75"
Side 12"
Front 40"
Minimum Clearance to Combustibles
Sidewall 10" (254mm)
Backwall 15" (381mm)
Corner 15" (381mm)
Flue to Backwall 16.5" (419mm)
Flue to Sidewall 16.5" (419mm)
Hearth Pad Requirements
Beyond the Unit Front 16" (406mm)
Beyond Each Side of the Unit 8" (203mm)
Beyond Each Side of the Chimney Connector 2" (51mm)


La Nordica Rosa Maiolica Cookstove

La Nordica Rosa Maiolica Cookstove

La Nordica Rosa Maiolica Cookstove

La Nordica Rosa Maiolica Cookstove

La Nordica Rosa Maiolica Cookstove

La Nordica Rosa Maiolica Cookstove

La Nordica Rosa Maiolica Cookstove

La Nordica Rosa Maiolica Cookstove

La Nordica Rosa Maiolica Cookstove

La Nordica Rosa Maiolica Cookstove

La Nordica Rosa Maiolica Cookstove

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If you are planning to cook with a cookstove, you will need to understand some basic fire safety. Remember, extinguishing a grease or oil fire with water is not a good idea.

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Wonderfull Stove
September 27, 2021
Reviewer: David Heberer
Installed my Rosa and it is Beautiful! It works as grand as it looks too.
It uses very little wood compared to my 1932 cookstove and the oven really holds the heat steady. The people here were really nice to work with.
Very professional and friendly. They made it easy to order and set up the shipping
Very pleased with the whole experience
May 22, 2018
Reviewer: Joan Maxwell
I got my cookstove in late February this year. Delivery was on time and Obediahs was very helpful with all of my questions before and after the sale.
I love the way it cooks, and the heat it puts out is enough to warm my 1200 sf house all the way to the back bedrooms. The heat is a soft heat, not like so many wood stoves that blast you out of the room. I have baked breads, cakes, and meals in the oven. So far, everything has come out quite nicely. There is a learning curve, as with anything, but I look at it every day and it gives me that warm fuzzy feeling just knowing I can have heat and cook food any time. BTW, her name is Fiametta...which is Italian for 'Little Flame'. Fia for short.
great experience
October 29, 2015
Reviewer: Sharon Cassidy
Ordered this cookstove. was on backorder, they told me it would be shipped on or about ct. 15th. It was. They gave me explicit instruction on the shipping and receiving. The stove arrived on Oct 19th in great condition. It is a beautiful stove.
Thank you
Beauty and function!
January 10, 2015
Reviewer: Margie Paskert
This stove is more beautiful than it looks in pictures, and cooks and bakes like a dream! The true color is more maroon-brown-red, not fire engine red. We use this stove to heat our 1500 sq. ft. house, too. It does hold a fire all night and has coals in the morning. The oven box is on the small side, but it bakes perfectly. I rotate whatever I am cooking once, and it cooks evenly. I highly recommend this stove. It is a terrific value. Everyone that sees it loves it.
December 10, 2013
Reviewer: Diane McArthur
This is Gorgeous. After looking at the specs. and details of all cook stoves
for this site, this stove has nearly everything I need. Beautiful color choices
perfect dimensions, nice fire viewing, and price is the best. I do wish this stove had an option to purchase a water reservoir or a water blanket for heating
hot water for household.

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