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Kuuma Vapor Fire 100 Wood Furnace

Kuuma Vapor Fire 100 Wood Furnace

Kuuma Lamppa furnaces are the cleanest burning gasification furnaces in the world. The Vapor 100 is a wood burning furnace that offers a large firebox, made with quality.  It is made in America by a small family owned company, so you can purchase with confidence. This furnace is efficient enough to qualify for the tax credit! 

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  • No smoke up to 95% of the time (virtually eliminating chimney cleaning)
  • No catalytic converter to replace
  • Combustion efficiency (electronic control precisely regulates the burning rate)
  • Brick lined combustion chamber (surrounded with a thick ceramic insulation)
  • Safety features (cool outside shell, cool door handles, alarm system to warn of overheating)
  • No smoke means less air-pollution and lower effluent emissions


When deciding to purchase a wood burning furnace compare our Vapor Fire furnace construction and thickness of the metal and types of metal used to other furnaces. Consider stack temperature compared to others. Seriously consider the following:

  • Smokeless burn up to 95% of the time during it’s burn cycle. Because there isn’t any visible smoke there also isn’t any creosote buildup in the pipes and chimney.
  • The furnace has an adjustable, computerized control burn that monitors the fire and allows logs to burn from the front to back under a controlled rate. The control of this burn results in the gradual release of the unfavorable gases, allowing them to be burned with the coal at a controlled rate. This allows the furnace to produce a nice lengthy burn cycle. In other stoves, when gases are released more rapidly, the result is a hot fire that burns up the fuel quickly. Close to two-thirds of the heat value in wood is found in the gases and liquids, therefore when those gases are driven out of the wood and not burned up as fuel, the only thing left are the hot coals, which don't give off the kind of intense heat necessary to heating a home.
  • The ability to burn the logs from the front to back, flattens the heat curve allowing a longer and more constant burn cycle. The result is a 6-10 hour burn, a difficulty with ordinary stoves.
  • The computer is designed to allow the furnace to burn the volatile gases in it’s “sweet zone”. The fire is set at a high enough temperature to burn the creosote producing material, which results in little creosote accumulation in the chimney. The temperatures are automatic according to the position at which the controls have beeen set. The only residue that can be found in the chimney is soot, which can be brushed off easily.
  • The fire chamber is constructed of high quality materials for your safety, lined with 2-tiers of fire bricks on both the left and right sides of the interior of the fire chamber, all the way up to the ceiling. In addition, there is also a high temperature ceramic insulation lining behind the fire brick. Brick retainers are made of stainless steel in addition to stainless steel sheets on the ceiling, back and front primary air distributor. The removable grates are ¾” thick made of cast iron. The fuel loading door is also internally insulated, reducing the possibility of it warping. The fuel loading door and the ash pan door also have adjustable hinges and door latches.
  • Designed and made with safety, durability and easy of operation foremost in mind, this furnace burns clean and extracts the most from the available heat for sustained, comfortable heat in the home.
  • High efficiency burn
  • Almost 95% of the time producing no visible smoke, and an internal exhaust stack maintianing low temperatures varying from 150F to 250F.

Intertek Testing Results Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100 Wood Furnace
High Burn 1.0 gr/hr emissions
99.4 % Combustion Efficiency
82.4 % Overall Efficiency
Medium Burn .45 gr/hr emissions
98.1% Combustion Efficiency
84.4% Overall Efficiency
Low Burn .65 gr/hr emissions
98.9% Combustion Efficiency
86.3% Overall Efficiency
Kuuma Vapor 100 Wood Furnace Front View
Kuuma Vapor Fire 100 Wood Furnace
Kuuma Vapor 100 Wood Furnace Side View
Kuuma Vapor Fire 100 Wood Furnace
Kuuma Vapor 100 Wood Furnace Rear View
Kuuma Vapor Fire 100 Wood Furnace
Kuuma Vapor 100 Wood Furnace Blower
Kuuma Vapor Fire 100 Wood Furnace
Kuuma Vapor 100 Wood Furnace undergoing stringent efficiency and emissions testing at Intertek.
Kuuma Vapor Fire 100 Wood Furnace
24 volt Kuuma Vapor-Fire computer
Kuuma Vapor Fire 100 Wood Furnace
Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100 bodies just before the painting process
Kuuma Vapor Fire 100 Wood Furnace
Kuuma products manufactured individually with care
Kuuma Vapor Fire 100 Wood Furnace
Kuuma Custom Painting
Kuuma Vapor Fire 100 Wood Furnace
Kuuma Wood Furnace Price
Vapor-Fire 100 Model $5295

*Includes firebricks and damper

Note:The $300 tax credit is back. Anyone that purchased a Kuuma Vapor-Fire in 2012 (retroactive) or 2013 is eligible.

Please call or email.  Please specify the model you are interested and your zip code.

Kuuma Vapor Fire Video Part 1

Kuuma Vapor Fire Video Part 2

Kuuma Vapor Fire Video Part 3


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