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Kingsman FDV451 Direct Vent Gas Stove

Kingsman FDV451 Direct Vent Gas Stove

The Kingsman FDV451 heats approximately 1500 square feet
Standard features include:

Millivolt or IPI valve system allowing operation even during a power failure with Hi-Low heat and flame adjustment

Proflame II models include remote control - features flame, fan, thermostat, and smart thermostat. (FDV451NE2 and FDV451LPE2 models only)

Dual burner system with a realistic flame pattern

Heat radiating ceramic glass

Mobile home approved (Direct Vent models only)

Approved for installation in bedrooms

Safety screen barrier

Optional and Customizable Features:

Fan Kit

Front Color Choices - Charcoal with accents of flat black or stainless steel

Side Panels - Charcoal with accent trim of flat black or stainless steel

Log Sets - Oak

Brick refractory liner - traditional or herringbone

Reflective porcelain liner

Media type - Bronze glass or Cannonballs (15lbs of glass media is required with the choice of cannonballs)

Thermostat - wall mount millivolt thermostat or programmable thermostat

Remote control

B vent adapter

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The Kingsman FDV451 direct vent gas stove is a safe and efficient appliance to heat your home. Conveniently fueled by either natural gas or propane and with dozens of possible style options and customizations available, this unit is sure to delight visually and conceptually. This unit can be vented either horizontally or vertically for ease of placement in any room of your home. It is mobile home approved as well as approved for installation in bedrooms. Featuring a large 340 square inch viewing window and your choice of media, the FDV451 will be a beautiful addition to any home.

Model FDV451N/NE2 FDV451LP/LPE2
Fuel Type Natural Gas Propane
Gas Control Millivolt / IPI Millivolt / IPI
Input Max 34,500 BTU 31,000 BTU
Input Min 23,750 BTU 24,500 BTU
FE (p.4.1-02)% 70.53% / 73.53% 70.12% / 74.28%
Viewing Area 20" W x 16 15/16" H 20" W x 16 15/16" H
Dimensions H x W x D 33 1/2" x 27 1/8" x 20 5/16" 33 1/2" x 27 1/8" x 20 5/16"

Kingsman FDV451 Direct Vent Gas Stove

Kingsman FDV451 Direct Vent Gas Stove

Kingsman FDV451 Direct Vent Gas Stove

Kingsman FDV451 Direct Vent Gas Stove

Kingsman FDV451 Direct Vent Gas Stove

Kingsman FDV451 Direct Vent Gas Stove

Kingsman FDV451 Direct Vent Gas Stove
Model/Option Price
FDV451N Free Standing Stove Millivolt - Natural Gas 1842.00
FDV451LP Free Standing Stove Millivolt ‐ Propane 1910.00
FDV451NE2 Proflame 2 IPI ‐ Remote‐Thermostat‐Mod‐Fan ‐ Natural Gas 2887.00
FDV451LPE2 Proflame 2 IPI ‐ Remote‐Thermostat‐Mod‐Fan ‐ Propane 2956.00
Conversion Kits
450DV‐CKLP Conversion Kit ‐ Millivolt ‐ To Propane 80.00
450DV‐CKNG Conversion Kit ‐ Millivolt ‐ To Natural Gas 80.00
450DV‐CKLPI Conversion Kit ‐ IPI ‐ To Propane 95.00
450DV‐CKNGI Conversion Kit ‐ IPI ‐ To Natural Gas 95.00
F450FBL Door Front and Vent Lid ‐ Charcoal with Flat Black Posts and Safety Screen 479.00
F450FSS Door Front and Vent Lid ‐ Charcoal with Stainless Posts and Safety Screen 550.00
F451SDSBL Side Doors ‐ Black Frame ‐ Solid Panel ‐ Charcoal 308.00
F451SDSSS Side Doors ‐ Stainless Steel Frame ‐ Solid Panel ‐ Charcoal 438.00
LOGF451 Log Set ‐ Oak 415.00
Z5GC Glass Media ‐ 1/2" Bronze ‐ 5 lbs (Max Glass 15 lbs) 95.00
RBCB1 Cannonballs - Assorted Size and Colors* IMPORTANT NOTE: With the Cannonball option, 15 lbs of Glass media is also required. Price listed includes three 5 lb bags of glass media and one set of cannonballs. 620.00
Optional Accessories
F45FK Fan Kit w/Variable Speed Control (Temperature Sensing) 331.00
F451RLT Refractory Liner ‐ Traditional 345.00
F451RLH Refractory Liner ‐ Herringbone 345.00
F451PL Porcelain Liner ‐ 3 Piece 415.00
Optional Thermostats
Z2MT Thermostat Digital ‐ Vertical Wall Mount ‐ MV/PF1 100.00
Z80PT Thermostat Programmable Digital ‐ Wall Mount ‐ MV/PF1 158.00
Optional Remotes
GFRC Remote Control On/Off ‐ Millivolt 109.00
GTRC Remote Control Millivolt ‐ Thermostat 276.00
GTMRCN Remote Control Millivolt ‐ Thermostat/Modulating ‐ Natural Gas 392.00
GTMRCP Remote Control Millivolt ‐ Thermostat/Modulating ‐ Propane 392.00
GTFRCN Remote Control Millivolt ‐ Thermostat/Modulating/Fan ‐ Natural Gas 564.00
GTFRCP Remote Control Millivolt ‐ Thermostat/Modulating/Fan ‐ Propane 564.00

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