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Keystoker Coal Fired Cook Stove

Keystoker Coal Fired Cook Stove

The Keystoker coal burning cook stove is a tough and functional cooker.  With a heat production rate of 70,000 BTUs, this coal stove is not only effective at cooking, but also heating a large area.  And with no motors or controls, this clean coal burning cook stove can supply heat and cook meals even when the power goes out.

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The Keystoker cook stove is a clean burning and efficient cooker and heater that uses clean burning anthracite nut coal as its fuel source. With its functionality and reliability, this cook stove delivers on cooking and heating power whenever the need arises, even when the power is out.

(Keystoker cook stove in the middle of the picture above)

This top loading cook stove is capable of holding up to 54 lbs. of coal. With that full load of coal, this coal cook stove can burn continuously for up to 48 hours! The large ash pan can be used to easily dispose of ashes. At a heat output of 70,000 BTUs, this clean burning cook stove will not only cook any meal for you and your family, but it will also provide lots of heat to warm up a large space.

With a 5-year limited warranty, Keystoker is confident in the quality of this American made cook stove to endure the rigors of a powerful meal cooker and heater.

Specifications Keystoker Coal Cook Stove
Heat output 70,000 BTUs
Flue Outlet 5"
Length 27"
Height 27 1/4"
Depth 16"
Weight 280 lbs.
Coal Capacity 54 lbs.

Keystoker Coal Fired Cook Stove

Keystoker Clean Coal Hand Fired Cook Stove

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