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J.A. Roby ULTF Wood Furnace

J.A. Roby ULTF Wood Furnace

The high efficiency ULTF wood furnace has been specially designed to heat surfaces up to 3500 ft2 and is provided with a central heating system operating with a wall thermostat. Its performance offers 140,000 BTU output and has an autonomy up to 22 hours. The ULTF furnace is equipped with a unique heat exchanger system allowing gases to move quicker through the furnace and then, move to the chimney. Heat is then pushes throughout your home within ventilation ducts by the fan. The ULTF furnace is one of the cleanest appliances in its category; it releases only 2.7 g/h of particles according to EPA calculations and do not exceed 0.07 g/Mj on 0.4 g/Mj allowed by the Canadian standards  CSA B415.1-10, which is almost 5 times less than the limit.

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The ULTF wood furnace is fitted with a unique heat exchanger system that increases the calorific values. From its design, the ULTF uses 6 stainless tubes so the gas which remained after the first combustion can be practically eliminated by the second combustion and can finally reach a low level as 0.07g/mj.


  • One glazed cast iron door model
  • High efficiency B415.1-10 certified appliance
  • Recommended Heating Area (sq.ft): 1500 – 3,500
  • Color: Metallic black
  • Model: Base
  • Heating by convection and radiation
  • Glass air-wash system
  • Low clearances to combustibles materials
  • Baffle: Fibre ceramic
  • Firebox lined with refractory bricks for better heat distribution
  • Stainless steel secondary air system improving gas combustion
  • Recommended chimney: 6’’
  • Efficiency 73.9%
  • Émissions 2.27 Gr/h
  • Log length 25’’
  • Tested as per applicable standards by Intertek


  1. Chimney Flue
  2. Thermostat
  3. 916 CFM Blower Fan
  4. Fan Limit Control
  5. Air Intake Control
  6. 2 Speeds
  7. Firebrick Lined Firebox
  8. Thermostat Connection
  9. Deflector
  10. Cast Iron Door with Glass Viewing
  11. Stainless Tubes Support
  12. Hot Air Accumulator Clean Up Space

Specifications J.A. Roby ULTF Wood Furnace
Heating Capacity 1500 to 3500 ft2
Output Range 70,000 - 140,000 BTU/H
Chimney Flue 6 inches (15,24 cm)
Minimum Chimney Height 12 ft (3,66m)
Top Plenum Air Exit 131⁄2 in X 131⁄2 in (34,3 X 34,3cm)
Exterior Height 46 in (116.8cm) without plenum 52 3⁄8 in (133cm) with plenum
Exterior Width 29 3/8" - without electrical box - 33 ¾" with electrical box
Exterior Depth 33" without fan box - 50 ½" with fan box
Firebox Door Opening 153⁄4 in X 91⁄2 in (40 X 24.1cm)
Firebox Dimensions 15"H x 201⁄2"W x 251⁄2"D
Maximum Log Size 25" Length
Burn Time 6 to 22 hours
Weight 550 lbs (250 kg)
Back 1 in (2.54cm)
Lateral/Side 6 in (15.2cm)
Roof 84 in (2,14m)
J.A. Roby ULTF Wood Burning Furnace
J.A. Roby ULTF Wood Furnace

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