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J.A. Roby Cuistot Wood Cook Stove

J.A. Roby Cuistot Wood Cook Stove

Introducing the 1st line of EPA Approved Wood Cook Stoves - Produced in Canada by J.A. Roby

The Cuistot Wood Cook Stove is a beautifully traditional style cooking range that will add warmth, comfort, and a touch of love to your home. The Cuistot Wood Burning Range is decorative steel and cast iron combination cooking stove. The stove body is made from steel, while the doors and legs are cast iron. The Cuistot Wood Cookstove comes standard with a top warming oven. Purchase the optional enamel cast iron cook plate for easy cook surface cleanup. This model is EPA approved


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The Cuistot Wood Cookstove by J.A. Roby is efficient, stylish, functional, and easy to use.

You will find nothing but Quality on the Cuistot wood cookstove, as J.A. Roby's perfect attention to detail, shows in the aesthetics and function of the Cuistot wood cookstove. The Cuistot Wood Buring Range is sure to compliment and warm any kitchen. The Cuistot wood range comes standard with a backsplash and top warming oven. The warming oven temperature ranges approx. 250 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Model with two cast iron door, one arched one square
  • EPA 2020 certified appliance
  • Recommended heating area (sq.ft) : 1000 - 1800
  • Color: metallic black
  • Model: pedestal
  • Glass air wash system (firebox)
  • Easy to access ash drawer
  • Glass oven door
  • Food warmer
  • Thermometers on oven and food warmer
  • Handles, corners and chrome ornaments
  • Three removable covers on top
  • Low clearance to combustible material
  • Baffle: ceramic fiber
  • Outdoor air intake
  • Firebox lined with refractory bricks for better heat distribution
  • Stainless steel secondary air system improving gas combustion
  • Flue pipe diameter: 6"
  • Low emissions 1,9 g/h
  • Log length  20"
  • Mobile home approved
  • Tested as per applicable standards by Intertek

Product Specifications J.A. Roby Cuistot Wood Cook Stove
Fuel Type Dry seasoned wood
Cook Top Height 35 ½"
Height from cook top to bottom of warmer 12 ½" with cook plates, and 13" without plates
Overall Dimensions 41 ⅝"W X 58 ½"H X 26 ¼"D
Interior Oven Dimensions Width 17 ½" Height 12 ½" Depth 18 ¾" Volume 2,39 cu.ft.
Interior Food Warmer Dimensions Width 39 ⅞" Height 10 ¼" Depth 16 ¼"
Door Opening Dimensions Height 9 ⅛"H x 9"W
Firebox Dimensions Width 12" Height 11 ⅝" Depth 20" Volume 1,7 cu. ft.
Recommended Heating Area 1,000 - 2,000 sq. ft.
Maximum Output 70,000 BTU/h
Efficiency 64.5%
Maximum Log Length 20"
Chimney Type 2100° F - Solid Fuel Class A
Flue (Chimney) Size 6"
Minimum Chimney Height 12'
Tested & Approved ULC S627-00 UL 1482-2011 & EPA Method 28R
Warranty Limited Lifetime
Weight 532 lbs
Minimum Clearances to Combustibles
Rear 2 ¼"
Right & Left Side 10"
Right & Left Corners 8"
Ceiling 84" (measured from floor)

J.A. Roby Cuistot Wood Cook Stove

J.A. Roby Cuistot Wood Cook Stove

J.A. Roby Cuistot Wood Cook Stove

J.A. Roby Cuistot Wood Cook Stove

This product qualifies for free residential delivery with lift gate service within the lower 48 states. A large freight truck (18-wheeler up to 60' long) is standard on all deliveries. If you need a smaller truck, please call our office (406) 300-1776 to request a smaller truck size. Note: an upcharge may apply for small trucks.


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