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J.A Roby Chief Wood Cook Stove w/Side Water Reservoir

J.A Roby Chief Wood Cook Stove w/Side Water Reservoir

Introducing the first line of EPA Approved Wood Cook Stoves - Produced by J.A. Roby in Canada

The Chief Wood Cook Stove is a beautiful traditional style cooking range that will add warmth, comfort and a touch of magic to your home. The Chief Wood Range is a decorative steel and cast iron combination stove. The stove body is made from steel, while the doors and legs are cast iron. The Chief Wood Cookstove comes standard with a side water reservoir. Purchase the optional enamel cast iron cook plate for easy stove-top cooking and cleanup. Best of all, this model is EPA approved so it qualifies for tax credits!

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The Chief Wood Burning Cook Stove by J.A. Roby is smart, efficient, stylish, and super easy to use! The Chief Wood Cooking stove sits on a pedestal base, that includes a lower pan drawer for extra storage space! The Chief Wood Cook Range features a cook surface, glass doors on both the firebox and oven, baking oven, warming oven, pan drawer, water reservoir, and outside air! What more could you possibly want in a wood heating and cooking stove? These excellent ammenties show J.A. Roby's perfect attention to detail on every aspect of this functional Wood Cook Stove. The inclusive water reservoir provides a constant flow of hot water through the day for cleaning up dishes, washing the floors, or even bathing. The Chief Wood Cookstove offers everything you could ever desire in a Wood Buring Range and is sure to compliment every kitchen. The Chief wood range comes standard with a backsplash, top warming oven, pan drawer and side reservoir. The warming oven tempature tends to range of approx. 250 degrees farenheit.


  • Model with two cast iron door, one arched firebox, and one square oven
  • EPA METHOD 28R certified appliance
  • Recommended heating area (sq.ft) : 1000 - 1800
  • Color: metallic black
  • Model: pedestal with pan drawer
  • Glass air wash system (firebox)
  • Easy to access ash drawer (front of stove) 
  • Glass oven door
  • Food warmer
  • Water tank - Water reservoir
  • Thermometers on oven and food warmer
  • Handles, corners and chrome ornaments
  • Three removable lids on top
  • Low clearance to combustible material
  • Ceramic fiber baffle
  • Outdoor air intake
  • Firebox lined with refractory bricks for better heat distribution
  • Stainless steel secondary air system improving gas combustion
  • Flue pipe diameter: 6"
  • Low emissions 1.9 g/h
  • Max log length 20"
  • Mobile home approved
  • UL/ULC Tested as per applicable standards by Intertek

Product Specifications J.A. Roby Chief EPA Wood Cook Stove
Overall Dimensions 51 ¾" W X 58 ½" H X 26 ¼"D
Fuel Type Dry seasoned wood
Recommended Heating Area 1000 - 1800 sq. ft.
Maximum Output 70 000 BTU/h
Efficiency 64.5%
Firebox Dimensions 12"W x 11-5/8"H x 20"D
Firebox Size 1.7 cu.ft.
Door Opening Dimensions Height 9 1/8"H x 9"W
Maximum Log Length 20"
Chimney Type 2100° F - Solid Fuel Class A
Flue (Chimney) Size 6"
Minimum Chimney Height 12'
Interior Oven Dimensions 17 ½"W x 12 ½"H x 18 ¾"D
Interior Food Warmer Dimensions 39 7/8"W x 10 ¾"H x 16 ¼"D
Tested & Approved ULC S627-00 UL 1482-2011 & EPA Method 28R
Warranty Limited Lifetime
Weight 567 lbs
Minimum Clearances to Combustibles
Rear 2 ¼"
Right & Left Side 10"
Right & Left Corners 8"
Ceiling 84" (measured from floor)

J.A Roby Chief Wood Cook Stove w/Side Water Reservoir

J.A Roby Chief Wood Cook Stove w/Side Water Reservoir
J.A. Roby Chief Wood Cook Stove in Black
J.A Roby Chief Wood Cook Stove w/Side Water Reservoir

J.A Roby Chief Wood Cook Stove w/Side Water Reservoir
J.A. Roby Chief Tor Wood Cook Stove in Chrome
J.A Roby Chief Wood Cook Stove w/Side Water Reservoir
J.A. Roby Chief Wood Cook w/ Water Reservoir Stove Price
Chief Wood Cook Stove - All Black $4,799
Chief TOR Wood Cook Stove - Chrome Legs & Door $5,199
Optional Accessories
Enameled cast iron cooking plate for CUISTOT series, right side $200
Enameled cast iron cooking plate for CUISTOT series, left side $150
Decorative top for CUISTOT series - chrome and mirror $499
Extra Oven Rack $90

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If you are planning to cook with a cookstove, you will need to understand some basic fire safety. Remember, extinguishing a grease or oil fire with water is not a good idea.

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