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Hearthstone Tula 8190 - Not Available*

Hearthstone Tula 8190 Contemporary Wood Stove In Umbra Matte

No Longer Available from Obadiah's.


This contemporary woodstove, the Tula 8190, is in the Hearthstone Euro Collection and is designed for the North American market being EPA certified.  Advanced wood burning technology offering clean burning and high efficiency will produce large quantities of heat, while a design highlight, the one-piece, glass framed firebox door offers a large fire viewing area.  The Tula, with its European design, is compact in size measuring 41-1/4T X 19-3/4W X 17-1/4D and extremely easy to operate!

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*PRODUCT NOT AVAILABLE - this page is for informational purposes only.

The Tula 8190 wood stove is made in Vermont by Hearthstone and is manufactured with state-of-the-art production processes.  Each Hearthstone 8190 is built to produce large amounts of clean, efficient heat and capable of burning overnight.   Operation of the stove is easy in that the air supply is controlled with one lever and a portion of the air streams along the firebox window keeping the window clean and clear.

Hearthstone Tula 8190 Clearances

The Tula is part of the Hase collection of Hearthstone contemporary woodstoves.


Double-wall steel construction create effective convection heat
Built-in wrap-around double-wall steel rear heat shield greatly reduces clearances increasing installation options
1.15 cubic foot firebox accepts up to 17” logs (vertically)
Large front door provides loading ease and unparalleled views of the fire
Secondary combustion technology provides unmatched fire viewing – flame/light present from gases ignited off the burning wood by a secondary air tube, even with low burning rate
Non-catalytic combustion system – complete combustion which equals 1) greater efficiency; more heat from less wood, and 2) clean burning; reduced smoke and creosote build-up
Single air control for easy stove control to produce more consistent heat

Color Finishes





Hearthstone Tula 8190 Schematic


Hearthstone Tula 8190 Clearances

Hearthstone Tula 8190 Clearances

Hearthstone Tula 8190 Clearances

Hearthstone Tula 8190 Clearances

Hearthstone Tula 8190 Clearances

Specifications Tula 8190 Wood Stove
Heats up to 1,200 sq. ft.
Size 30,000 BTUs
EPA Rating 2.5 grams per hour
Efficiency 88%
Width 19-3/4"
Height 41-1/4"
Depth 17-1/4"
Maximum Log Length 17" (loaded vertically)
Firebox Capacity 1.15 cubic feet
Ash Pan Yes
Actual Weight (lbs.) 291 lbs
Alcove Certified Yes
Clearances (Minimum Clearance to Combustibles)
Side 15 Inches (38 cm)
Corner 11 Inches (28 cm)
Clearances (With single wall pipe & integral rear heat shield )
Rear 12 inches (31 cm)
Clearances (With double-wall pipe & integral rear heat shield )
Rear 7 inches (18 cm)
Hearth Pad
Minimum Size (US) 28-3/4" W x 31-1/4" D
Minimum Size (Canada) 86 cm x 105 cm
Accessories Description Hearthstone SKU
3" Outside Air Adaptor 91-53900
Matte Charcoal Touch Up Paint 90-58214
Mobile Home Anchor 91-99900

Hearthstone Tula 8190 Contemporary Wood Stove In Charcoal Matte

Hearthstone Tula 8190 Contemporary Wood Stove In Umbra Matte

This unit not available for purchase.

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