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Hearthstone 8860 DVI 44 Coburn - Not Available*

Hearthstone DVI 44 8860 Direct Vent Gas Insert With Coburn Steel Facade

No Longer Available from Obadiah's.


The Hearthstone 8860 DVI 44 direct vent gas insert with Coburn steel facade is an improvement over the Hearthstone 8850. This gas burning insert has a greater heat output (up to 43,000 BTUs) that produces plenty of warmth to keep your mid-sized home comfortable. This gas insert with a steel facade will complement a wide array of homes and cabins thanks to its availability of different colors. When all of this comes together with the advanced technology and efficiency that is found in a Hearthstone product, it results in a must have gas insert for your new home, or a fantastic replacement for an inefficient old fireplace.

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*PRODUCT NOT AVAILABLE - this page is for informational purposes only.

The Hearthstone 8860 DVI 44 with Coburn steel facade is a direct vent gas insert that matches a lot of different styles with its sleek design, while providing a glowing ambiance and plenty of heat to warm your mid-sized home (up to 2,000 sq. ft.).

Hearthstone DVI 44 8860 Direct Vent Gas Insert

This gas burning insert utilizes direct vent technology coupled with a sealed firebox to increase efficiency, and reduce cold air drafts by drawing in cold air from outside the home for combustion instead of using warm air from inside the home. With the HeatWave refractory built into this efficient gas insert more heat from the fire is direct towards the glass and out into your home, instead of escaping up the chimney. This gas insert with a steel facade also conserves gas and saves you money by shutting the pilot light off when the insert is not in operation. And with a battery backup, you can continue to rely on the heat produced by this sleek gas insert even when the power goes out!

To make this deal even better than it already is, a powerful remote control is included with this unit so that you can manage your gas burning insert from the comfort of your couch. The remote features a thermostat, 5-level flame control, two stage split burner, 5-speed fan control, and child lock-out.



Sealed firebox/ Direct-Vent technology
Air for combustion is drawn from outside the home, reducing cold air drafts. This results in greater efficiency due to not using heated room air for combustion.

ProFlame electronic ignition system
The pilot is off when the stove isn’t in use, resulting in considerable fuel savings. Comes with a battery backup, so you can use the stove even without electricity

Pilot Toggle Switch
Continuous or intermittent pilot modes.

Adjustable heat output
All the pleasure of fire viewing ambiance, even when little room heat is required.

Field convertible
Factory configured for natural gas, but easily convertible to work with liquid propane

Remote control
Features thermostat, “smart thermostat”, 5-level flame control, two stage (split) burner, 5-speed fan control, child lock-out and auxiliary outlet.

HeatWave Refractory
Directs the heat of the flame to the glass and the double heat exchanger, maximizing the radiant heat from the stove.


Color Finishes:

Black Matte

Brown Enamel

New Bronze

Blue-Black Enamel



Hearthstone DVI 44 8860 Schematic



Hearthstone DVI 44 8860 Clearances

Specifications Hearthstone DVI 44 8860
Heats Up To 2,000 Square Feet
Burn Rate Range 43,000 Hi, 15,000 Low
Steady State Efficiency Up To 76%
EnerGuide Rating Up To 70%
Width 35"
Height 25- 5/8"
Depth 18-5/8"
ProFlame Ignition System Split Burner Standard
Actual Weight (lbs.) 240
Remote Control Thermostat Smart Remote Control

Hearthstone DVI 44 8860 Direct Vent Gas Insert With Coburn Steel Facade

Hearthstone DVI 44 8860 Direct Vent Gas Insert With Coburn Steel Facade

Unit not available for purchase.

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