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Hearthstone Deva 100 Model 8220 Wood Cookstove

Hearthstone Deva 100 Model 8220 Wood Cookstove

The Deva 100 Wood Cookstove is not your mother's typical range cooker. Integrating lasting quality with remarkable versatility, the Deva 100 captures the essence of what a cookstove should be: warm, stylish, serviceable, and sensational. From the classic good looks of its durable, solid cast-iron-with-nickel-trim construction to the contemporary performance of its state-of-the-art technology and user-friendly controls, the Deva 100 makes spending time at the stove a joy instead of a burden. Modern styles include enameled cast iron surfaces with chrome and nickel details.

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Made to last and amazingly versatile, the Deva 100  Model 8220 is everything you should expect from a wood-fired cookstove:  inviting, stylish, maintainable, and remarkable.  From the beauty of the stove's durable, cast iron and nickel trim construction to the modern, state-of-the-art technology performance and easy to use controls, the Deva 100 is a joy to use!


  • Generous oven: with 2.47 cubic feet of cooking space, enough to bake a 20 lb turkey
  • Glass oven: and flame view doors
  • Vitreoceramic cooktop: for modern convenience and style, easy to keep clean and efficiently transfers heat
  • Single oven temperature control: with the dual thermometer showing both Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Single Lever Stove control: Consistently performs with easy operation
  • Non-catalytic combustion system
  • Top or rear exit flue
  • EPA Exempt (learn more here)
  • Washington State Approved (learn more here)





  • Black Enamel


Deva 100 Specifications
Fuel Wood
Fuel Loading Door Dimension 7" X 9 3/4"
Stove Dimensions 33 3/4"H X 40"W X 23 3/4"D
Oven Dimensions 17 1/4"W x 16 1/2"D x 15"H
Oven Capacity 2.47 cu ft
Firebox Dimensions 11 3/8"W x 17 1/4"D x 14 1/2"H
Firebox Capacity 1.6 cu ft
Flue Orientation & Size Top or Rear - 6"
Heat Output Up 46,000 BTU/hr
Heating Capacity Up to 2,800 sq. ft.
Weight 484 lbs
Maximum Log Length 17"
EPA Rating EPA Exempt
Ash Pan Included
Clearances Single Wall Pipe Double Wall Pipe
Side 10" 4"
Rear 16" 14"


Clearances to Combustibles

Chimney Connector Clearances to Combustibles

Hearth Requirements for Top Vent Installations

Hearthstone Deva 100 Model 8220 Wood Cookstove

Deva 100 Wood Cookstove

Deva 100 Wood Cookstove

Deva 100 Wood Cookstove
Top View
Deva 100 Wood Cookstove
Front View
Deva 100 Wood Cookstove
Rear View
Deva 100 Wood Cookstove
Deva 100 Wood Cookstove

Hearthstone Deva 100 Model 8220 Wood Cookstove

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Deva 100
May 21, 2019
Reviewer: Mountain Man
we use this stove in our off grid home in Rural Alaska, our home is 1488 SQFT. and the Deva will absolutely run you out of the house, it is easy to use, easy to light a fire and the oven is a huge, Huge.... we cook in and on it all the time, we have a conventional oven, but the Deva is always burning in the winter, and therefore used most of the time. I have a couple of things I would have liked to have on the stove... one being a water jacket, for heating water, and although I like the Vitreo Ceramic cook top, I would also like to have had the option of Cast Iron. that being said i honestly have no complaints about the stove or the heat output and ease of use for cooking, heating sitting back and watching the fire, I am sure there aint much else out there that will compare with this stove, especially when you look at aesthetics, and performance, this is a big stove in a small-ish package, I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting a wood cook stove.
Hearthstone Deva 100
January 1, 2019
Reviewer: Chris Sorrels
we have owned this stove for a couple of years and love it, it is a great stove, cooks very well, and is easy to clean, and simple to operate, this stove fills the bill on all counts, we have a 1286 SQFT House, and it works well even in the coldest part of winter here in Alaska, the only drawback is the fact that it doesn't have a provision for a water Jacket.
the vitrio ceramic cook top heats nicely and is very forgiving to water droplets hitting on it when the stove is snorting. ( running on High )
The Deva has one of the largest ovens on the market
May 12, 2016
Reviewer: Terry
The Deva's oven actually swallows up a 14 lb. turkey with enough room to spare to roast the rest of the dinner. There likely isn't a turkey that wouldn't fit inside of it.
Mid-size Workhorse
March 28, 2016
Reviewer: AK Bear
The Deva is a nice mid-sized cook stove that hides a real workhorse. For cooking and baking it has a fully usable cooktop across the entire top with an easy to clean and modern vitro-ceramic glass. The cooktop quickly reaches 700 degrees over the firebox, and it has a fully stainless steel oven that can easily fit a 14lb turkey inside of it. Easy controls make this a stove that anybody can run, having only one draught control and a bypass that can maximize the draw. For cleaning purposes there isn't a cook stove available that has easier or more complete access as both the top and grilling plate; simply lift off the top! From a heating standpoint it produces almost 2.5 times the heat of the Esse Ironheart, having 46,000BTUs. Its boasted cast iron elements that retain heat and gradually release it long after the fire goes out eliminate the need to reload so often and makes relighting a snap. Despite the surprising heat output this cook stove only requires 4 inches of side clearance due to its insulated sides that prevent build-up of dangerous creosote and ash collection in the down-draught channel. Built in Spain this is a cook stove that would be at home in both a country kitchen and a modern glossy architectural showplace.
Great stove!!!
October 13, 2013
Reviewer: Tonya
This is a very simple stove to use. I love the look of it and the dependability of it.

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