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Glenwood Econo-Flame 530 Waste Oil Furnace

Glenwood Heaters Econo-Flame 540 Waste Oil Furnace

Convert Waste Oil into HEAT!!!

The Econo-Flame 530 waste oil furnace by Glenwood Heaters burns waste oil resulting in an economic heating option that is also good for the environment!  The Glenwood Furnace is very efficient, consistently tested at 88%, because the intense temperatures associated with waste oil combustion are efficiently transferred by triple-pass heat exchange design.  Not only is the Econo-Flame 530 designed for fast heat recovery but the furnace is also built to be user friendly and easily maintained.

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The Glenwood Heaters’ Econo-Flame 530 offers a furnace that can heat agricultural, commercial and industrial buildings by burning “waste” oil cleanly, safely and efficiently.

The oil burner of the 530 furnace has proven to be reliable and user friendly with over twenty-five years of successful heating service.  A precisely machined heater block in the Econo-Flame ensures hot oil at the nozzle, a uniquely designed flame retention head causes complete combustion and fins radiate heat preventing rear plate burn out and more heat exchange. 


Econo-Flame 530 Waste Oil Furnace



Cooking Oil Shops and Warehouses
Motor Oils, up to SAE 50 Greenhouses
Hydraulic Fluids Livestock Confinement Buildings
Transmission Fluids Make-up Air
Heating Oil Kilns & more!








The Econo-Flame is made from strong A36 ¼ inch steel plate

Access to the nozzle, retention head, and electrodes for easy servicing is behind insulated swing out burner door

Easy access to the heat exchanger for cleaning through the swing out door

Cleaning frequencies reduced with use of 4” tubes to handle the higher residue from burning waste oil


Individually adjustable louvers direct warm air exactly where needed.


Programmable electronic thermostat controls the pre-heater and the burner

Heavy duty low pressure pump specifically designed for the high viscosities of used oil

Flame retention head forces the flame to a vortex causing complete, rapid combustion with no visible stack emmissions

Precisely machined 6-pass heater block ensures hot oil at the nozzle

Removable pre-heater assembly fits into the burner air tube

10 year limited warranty

Specifications Econoflame 530 Waste Oil Furnace
Dimensions (W X L X H) 48” X 72” X 42”
BTU Output 300,000
Will Heat* (sq. ft,) 9,000
CFM 4000
Flue Size (inches) 10
Approximate Weight (lbs) 750

*Building and climate conditions will affect heating capacity.

Glenwood Heaters Econo-Flame 540 Waste Oil Furnace

Glenwood Heaters Econo-Flame 540 Waste Oil Furnace
Glenwood Heaters Price
Econo-Flame 530 Furnace $7,200
Econo-Flame 530 Furnace DF $8,500

*Please call or email for pricing quote.

DF stands for Ductable Furnace.