Wednesday, September 18, 2019

FCOS1800D Fire Chief Outdoor Wood Furnace - Discontinued

FCOS1800D Fire Chief Outdoor Wood Furnace - Discontinued

The FCOS1800D Outdoor Wood Furnace keeps all of the mess outside - no ashes, wood, or dirt associated with indoor woodburning - with the all of the advantages: a reliable, convenient heat source keeping you warm, all winter long.

This product is discontinued and is no longer available as it does not meet current EPA NSPS. This product is no longer available, and is no longer being shipped. 

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The FCOS1800D is completely assembled and pre-wired when shipped, everything needed to install is included: the ten inch insulated hot air flex duct; twelve inch flex cold air return; hi-temp silicone-everything, except the chimney pipe!

Model Specification Model FCOS1800D
Weight 780 lb. approx.
Dimensions 59"H x 30"W x 59"D (w/blower housing)
Maximum Heating Area 1,500 - 2,500 sq. ft.
Maximum BTU output 140,000 approx
Fire Chamber Volume 8.9 cu. ft.
Flue Diameter 6"
Plenum Size 10" Round
Cold Air Return 12" Round
Door Size 13" x 14"
Blower Capacity 1800 CFM
Induction Draft Blower 50 CFM
Maximum Log Length 28"
Warranty-Firebox 5 years Limited
Warranty-Grates/Castings 5 years Limited
Safety Tested UL391

FCOS1800D Fire Chief Outdoor Wood Furnace - Discontinued

Fire Chief Outdoor Wood Furnace

Fire Chief Outdoor Wood Furnace

Fire Chief Outdoor Wood Furnace
Product Price
FCOS1800D Outdoor Wood Furnace $2,965
Back Draft Damper 10" $47
Back Draft Damper 12" $50
10" Heat duct-insulated 25' FCOS10HD-indoor use only (25' included) $95
12" flex duct cold air return - insulated 25' FCOS12AIRDUCT- indoor use only (not included) $107

Price includes shipping to most continental U.S. locations. 

Some exceptions may apply.

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