Friday, September 21, 2018

DS1324 (Replaced by Heatright 120)

DS1324 Riteburn Basement Circulator

No Electricity Needed!! 

PLEASE NOTE: This stove was recently discontinued and replaced by the DS Heatright 120.

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The DS1324 Riteburn Basement Circulator by D.S. Machine Stoves is Amish designed and hand crafted to provide heat for the entire home or workshop with clean burning and high efficiency amazingly without the use of fans or electricity.

The stove is a downdrafter (also called baseburning).  Air is drawn down and the smoke and exhaust is pulled through the burning wood to extract maximum heat from wood and gases.  Downdraft stove designs like the 1324 are making a comeback with its efficiency and clean burn properties including less creosote troubles.

Hot water or hot air bimetal regulators are standard in all DS Machine Stoves and the DS1324 Riteburn also has the following features.



UL Listed
Bimetal regulator
Cast iron door and grate


6 circulator tubes
Oxygen afterburner



Optional Features:

Door available righthand or lefthand
Available with Warming Shelf

Specifications DS1324 Riteburn Stove
Firebox 13.5” X 24”
Stove Size (W X H X D) 36” X 36” X 29”
Flue Size 7”
Weight (Approximate) 560 lbs
Weight with shelf (Approximate) 590 lbs
BTUs (Approximate) 135,000

DS1324 Riteburn Basement Circulator

DS1324 Riteburn Basement Circulator
D.S. Machine Stoves Price
DS1324 Riteburn Stove Model (Discontinued) [Replaced by DS Heatright 120] *

*Please call or email for pricing.

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