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Buck Model 1127 T STAT Vent Free Gas Stove - Discontinued

Buck Model 1127 T STAT Vent Free Gas Stove - Discontinued

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available.

The Buck Stove Model 1127 proves that great things come in tiny packages. With thermostat controlled gas power for a fraction of the price, you can enjoy up to 25,000 BTU's of heat circulating throughout your home by the variable speed blower system. Several setup options are available including the Wall Mount, Freestanding Pedestal, and Mantle Install. Call Obadiah's Woodstoves and order yours today!

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  • Up to 25,000 BTU of heat circulation
  • Factory Installed Variable Speed Blower System
  • Wall Mount Option
  • Freestanding Pedestal Option
  • Mantle Install Option

Deluxe Mantel shown in Dark Oak (Also Available in Unfinished Oak)

Prestige Bookcase Mantel Shown in Dark Oak (Also Available in Light Oak, Unfinished Oak, Black and Cherry)

Model 1227 T STAT Gas Stove Specifications
Dimensions 20 1/8” H X 22” W X 7” D
Pedestal 7” (27 1/8” H)
Manufactured Home Approved Yes
Not For Fireplace Use Freestanding, Wall Mount or Mantle Only
BTU Output 1,110 - 10,000 BTU/Hr
BTU Output 1,127 - 25,000 BTU/Hr
Blower Efficiency 99.9%
Piezo Matchless Ignition Standard
Oxygen Depletion Sensor Standard
Approximate Weight 47 lbs.


Heater, Fan and Removable Parts Diagram

Burner Assembly

Clearance to Combustibles

Flame Pattern

Flame Check

Deluxe Finished Mantle Option Installation


Buck Model 1127 T STAT Vent Free Gas Stove - Discontinued

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