Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The Breckwell Mahogany Stove - Discontinued*

The Breckwell Mahogany Stove - Discontinued*

*PRODUCT DISCONTINUED - This page is for informational purposes only.

This highly efficient non-catalytic wood stove has even more going for it than first meets the eye. Built by an award-winning engineering and design team, this stove can be used as a free-stander or as an insert-with no additional parts. In addition, the unique Quad Radiant and Convection Air Heat Systems assures even and rapid heat distribution.

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The many options provided by the  Breckwell Mahogany stove allow you to choose anything from retro/old school to sleek and modern. Options for the free stander includes Pedestal with ash bin, Pedestal without ash pan, Pedestal with door that stores wood; and cast iron legs.


  • Creatively designed as both a free-stander and as an insert-no additional parts
  • Unique QUAD radiant and convection air heat system: including top shroud vent, side louvres, and bottom cavity: for even and rapid heat distribution
  • The positioning and configuration of the firebox channels and concentrates the radiant and convection heat at the front of stove to maximize the temperature and provides a clever stay-clean glass door
  • Multiple appealing options. One includes a log storage area with a door that opens from the bottom and slides/tucks away at the top with non-stick components.
  • As an insert it fits masonry and zero clearance fireplaces
  • Front top can be used as a steamer or cook area
  • Stay-clean large glass doorMeets and exceeds safety requirements, including dual level steel bottom
  • Engineered for a long, very efficient, and clean burn
  • Designed for easy installation, cleaning and maintenance
  • Mobile home approved


  • Optional blower and outside air kit
  • Colors: black, brown, and red

Specifications The Breckwell Mahogany
Combustion System non-catalytic
EPA grams/hr 2.28
Heat output 9,500-37,000
Exhaust diameter 6"
Weight 430 lbs
Depth from face 21 5/8"
Width at top front 25 1/16"
Heating Capacity up to 1,800 sq ft
Approx burn time 7-9 hours
Log Length 18"
Width at sides 25"
Used as a freestander
Height w/ log storage pedestal at front 37 1/8”
Height w/ log storage pedestal to shroud top 38 13/16”
Height w/ pedestal at front 31 1/4”
Height w/ pedestal to shroud top 32 7/8”
Used as an insert
Height w/ large flasing 32 1/16”
Height w/ medium flashing 30 1/16”
Height inside fireplace 20 1/2”
Height in front 18 13/16”
Width w/ medium flashing 42”
Width w/ large flashing 48 1/2”
Depth inside fireplace 15”

The Breckwell Mahogany Stove - Discontinued*

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