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AH 100 America’s Heat Pellet or Corn Furnace

AH 100 America’s Heat Pellet or Corn Furnace

The AH 100 from America's Heat is a safe, money saving choice that allows you to heat your home with the added convenience of fuel efficiency.

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With the AH 100 from America's Heat, your home’s thermostat electronically controls the fuel feed system to provide a constant temperature. The furnace will remain lit as long as the bin contains corn and will shut down automatically if the fuel supply is depleted. The low stack temperature and absence of creosote buildup eliminates the possibility of chimney fires.


  • Fuel: Wood Pellet or Shelled Corn
  • Storage Bin: 14 bushel capacity for up to 10-day operation on a single load
  • Hot Air & Return Plenum Openings: Connects directly to duct work
  • Wood Pellet Auger or Corn Metering Auger: Transfers kernels from storage bin to furnace auger
  • Furnace Auger: Supplies fuel to fire pot
  • Ash Pan: For easy removal of ashes
  • Removes residue ash from heat exchanger elements.
  • Combustion Chamber: Induced air flow generates maximum efficiency, burn 99% complete, leaving about one pound of residue from 100 pounds of corn
  • Combustion Blower
  • Barometric Damper
  • Room Air Blower: Bigger 1/2 HP blower relocated for better air flow

Specifications America's Heat AH 100
Dimensions - Furnace 68 3/4”H X 27”W X 46”D
Dimensions - Bin 48”H X 36”W X 52”D
Weight - Furnace 480 lbs
Weight - Bin 50 lbs
Flue Pipe 6” Class A
Plenum Openings 14” X 18”
Heat Exchanger 14 gauge steel
Fire Pot Cast Iron
Air Filter 12” X 12” X 1”
Bin Capacity 14 bushels
Combustion Blower 70 CFM
Hot Air Blower 1/2 HP - 4 speed
BTU’s 100,000
Voltage 110 volts

AH 100 America’s Heat Pellet or Corn Furnace

AH 100 America’s Heat Pellet or Corn Furnace

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