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DS Machine Stoves DS151 Bucket-A-Day Boiler

DS Machine Stoves DS151 Bucket A Day Coal Boiler

The DS151-B Coal Boiler by D.S. Machine Stoves is Amish designed and hand crafted for maximum efficiency and less fuel consumption.  The stainless steel coal burning boiler is designed to heat domestic water or is an effective method to heat a 1,800 square foot home.

The DS151 Bucket-A-Day Stove is made with integrity in the USA by an industry leading wood and coal boiler manufacturer, DS Stoves.

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DS Machine Stoves coal boiler units are Amish made and built to last.  The DS151 Bucket-A-Day boiler’s design and engineering are based on 30 years of experience and is a nice option for heating domestic water or a small home.   The clean burning and efficient coal boiler is stainless steel and uses approximately 30 lbs of coal per day.


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The DS151 water heater is available with or without controls and must be used with a storage tank when heating domestic water.



Specifications DS151 Bucket-A-Day
Boiler Size (W X H X D) 24” X 30” X 24”
Firebox 13” diameter
Flue Size 6”
Water Capacity Approx. 8 gallons
BTUs 55,000
Heating Area Up to 1,800 sq.ft.
Weight approx. 240 lbs

DS Machine Stoves DS151 Bucket A Day Coal Boiler

DS Machine Stoves DS151 Bucket-A-Day Boiler
D.S. Machine Stoves Price
DS151 Boiler Model, 8 Gal Bucket-A-Day Boiler, includes Samson Reg. #150 Safety Valve, Thermometer Call for Pricing
DS151Top Boiler Model, 8 Gal Bucket-A-Day top only, no controls Call for Pricing

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