Friday, November 27, 2015

SPG9000 Breckwell Monticello Non-Electric

SPG9000 Breckwell Monticello Non-Electric

The Monticello is Breckwell's new gravity feed pellet stove that requires no electricity to operate.  It features a bay front viewing glass with air wash system and a hidden ash drawer with a swing out door.   With an 80 lb. hopper capacity and 6 inch cast iron flue collar, this stove is easy to install and is ideal for rooms or areas where electricity is not avaliable or reliable.

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The Monticello is Breckwell's new non-electric, gravity fed pellet stove.  Therefore, this pellet stove uniquely does NOT require electricity to operate.  Among its great features is a bay front viewing glass with an air wash system that keeps the glass clean for better viewing.  It also features a hidden ash drawer with a swing out door and a 6 inch diameter cast iron flue collar.  Its 80 lb. hopper capacity is double that of many other models.  This pellet stove is a great fit for rooms or areas where electrcity is either not avaliable or unreliable.  It is also quite easy to install.

Standard Features:

  • Providing comforting heat for up to 1,500 sq. ft.
  • 80 lb. hopper capacity
  • Rugged steel construction
  • Air wash glass system
  • Bay front viewing glass door
  • 6" flue collar
  • Large hidden ash drawer with swing out door
  • No electricity required


Monticello SPG9000 Pellet Stove
Hopper Capacity 80 lbs
Chimney/ Exhaust Diameter 6"
Width 23.5"
Height 44"
Depth 39.25"
Combustion System Non-Catalytic
Heating Capacity 400 - 1,500 sq. ft.
Heat Output Range Up to 40,000 BTUs/hour
SPG9000 Breckwell Monticello Non-Electric Pellet Stove Price
SPG9000 - Stove $3,109.00

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SPG9000 Monticello Operational and Maintenance Video

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