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Vermont Castings Encore

Vermont Castings Encore

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Cast in tradition and manufactured with the fine craftsmanship and attention to detail that heritage brings, the Encore Two In One Convertible Wood Stove offers classic warmth and timeless beauty that stands out from the competition. Light the fire of comfort and style in your home and add the perfect gathering place. This stove meets 2020 EPA emission standards.

*Revised 8/1/20

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  • The Encore Wood Stove heats up to 2,300 square feet!
  • Save money while heating your home
  • Convenient top load design for longer burn times
  • Easy to clean and maintain with innovative swing-out ash pan and cover
  • Automatic thermostatic control for steady heat
  • Bottom heat shield to accommodate standard hearth pads
  • Reversible flue collar
  • Smooth glide fully-adjustable door latching system on the front door and ash door
  • Qualifies for Federal Residential Property Tax Credit


  • Custom spark screen for open door fire viewing
  • Clearance reducing rear heat shield
  • Handy warming shelves with mitten racks
  • Matching enamel pipe in four standard colors
  • 8 inch oval to 6 and 8 inch round vent adaptors
  • Outside air kit
  • Heat-activated fan

   Color Options

  • Classic Black
  • Twilight
  • Enamel Bordeaux
  • Majolica Brown

Color Options

Classic Black Majolica Brown Bordeaux Red Biscuit Enamel Twilight Black

Options & Accessories

Cooking Grill

Stainless steel cooking grill lets you connect around food and flame all year long

Variable Speed Fan Kit

Variable speed fan kit to better distribute heat in your space

Catalytic Performance Kit

Achieve 15% higher efficiency on low burns when burning with the catalyst

Magnetic Stove Top Thermometer

Magnetic stove top thermometer to take any guesswork out of operating the stove

Leather Gloves

These durable leather gloves are perfect for loading a hot stove

Cast Iron Wood Box

Enjoy fine cast detail and ample capacity as you store all the wood you need to keep your home warm

Saftey Screen

This portable safety screen allows you to have peace of mind that young children will not stray too near the stove

Matching Enamel Pipe

Complement the enamel finish with matching pipe


Cast Iron Steamer

Add moisture to your room with a stylish enameled cast iron steamer

Cast Iron Trivet

Intricate cast iron trivet for stove top cooking


Specifications Vermont Castings Encore
Heat Area 900-2300 sq. ft.
Overall Dimensions 25-3/4"H x 27"W x 22-3/4"D
Firebox Volume 2.3 Cubic Feet
Max Log Length 18"
Heat Output 48,000 BTU
Emissions 1.1 g/hr
Efficiency (HHV) 77%
Burn Time 12 hr
Flue Pipe Diameter 6"
Minimum Chimney Height 15'
Warranty Limited Lifetime

Clearance to combustables



Vermont Castings Encore Convertible Stove

Vermont Castings Encore

Vermont Castings Encore Convertible Stove

Vermont Castings Encore

Vermont Castings Encore

Vermont Castings Encore

Vermont Castings Encore Convertible Stove

Vermont Castings Encore

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