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Vermont Castings Vigilant Coal Stove - Discontinued

Vermont Castings Vigilant Coal Stove - Discontinued

This model's one of a kind cast iron construction features the handcrafted details that make it as beautiful as it is functional.  The coal fire produces amazing heat levels while the automatic thermostat enables hassle free maintenance.

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Heats up to 2,000 sq. ft.

Heat your entire home — Vermont Castings coal stoves efficiently produce the heat you want to blanket your entire house in warmth and comfort.

Up to 18 hours of Burn Time

More heat on a single load — Add long-burning, anthracite coal in the morning, and this stove is able to provide continuous heat into the evening.

Automatic Thermostat

More even temperatures — The thermostat automatically regulates the stove's air intake over time for a more even heating that makes the most efficient use of your fuel.

Top Load Design

Clean and convenient loading — Adding coal through the top allows you to keep your stove area cleaner and makes it easier to add more fuel whenever you need to.

"Shaker" Grate System and Swing-out Ash Pan

Easy operation and maintenance — This stove features a special grate system for shaking ashes down into the large swing-out ash pan, which makes it easier to keep clean even with constant use.

Durable Cast Iron Construction

Long lasting quality — Made from high quality cast iron that’s 100% recycled, this coal stove provides dependable heating throughout its lifetime.



Specifications Vermont Castings Vigilant Coal Stove
Dimensions 30" (W) x 31" (H) x 20" (D)
Heating Capacity Up to 2,000 sq. ft.
Max BTUs/hr 50,000
Burn Time 18 hrs
Fuel Anthracite (Pea or Nut)
Ash Pan Swing-Out
Fuel Type Coal
Termination Convertible
Certifications OMNI, UL / ULC









Vermont Castings Vigilant Coal Stove - Discontinued

Vermont Castings Vigilant Coal Stove - Discontinued

Vermont Castings Vigilant Coal Stove - Discontinued
Product Price
Vermont Castings Vigilant Coal Stove Call for Pricing
8" Oval Flue Collar adapts the stove's native 6" round flue to an 8" oval format. Call for Pricing
Child-Guard Screen Large enough to surround all Vermont Castings stoves, this portable safety screen allows you to have peace of mind that young children will not stray too near the stove. Call for Pricing
Warming Shelves Warming Shelves with mitten racks come in handy on cold winter days. Available in Classic Black. Call for Pricing
Outside Air Adaptor -- Allows your stove to draw air in from outside the house. Beneficial for newer, more heavily insulated homes and required in mobile home installations. Call for Pricing
Clearance Reducing Heat Shields 0000175 (Rear), 0000279 (Bottom)Heat shields allow for more flexible installation options. Call for Pricing

Please call or email for information regarding Vermont Castings products.  Please specify the model you are interested in and your zip code.

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