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De Manincor Wittus Domina Wood Cookstove - Not Available

domina wood burning cookstove by De Manincor

This product is no longer available. This page is for informational purposes only.

The Wittus Domino series is the latest addition to the de Manincor cookstove family, and exceeds the standards already set by its sibling range cookers. With all of the important features, mastered by de Manincor, including:  Integrated ECOPLUS® Pre-heated Secondary Air System, vented sides for natural convection,  heavy-duty stainless steel , and multiple design and feature options to fit your unique style, the Domina is the most quaint of its counterparts. This freestanding wood cookstove can translate well into either a kitchen as a cookstove or a living room setting for warmth and cooking option.

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The de Manincor family has been designing and producing wood burning cookstove ranges for 5 generations. Their wood-fired oven ranges combine function and beauty together in a way that is not commonly found in these types of products. Utilizing a combination of old world craftsmanship and Euro contemporary design, these ranges offer a modern look in a functional design. The attention to details is amazing to say the least. You will have to look far and wide to find anything else that compares. There is something about cooking with a wood fire that draws out the flavors in food unlike electric or gas cooking baking ranges. The unique flavors produced by wood-fired cooking ranges are sought out worldwide by many renowned chefs. The wood pizza oven is now one of the hottest sellers in the cooking industry. Obadiah's is one of the oldest and largest online wood cookstove suppliers in North America. We work hard to bring you the best cookstoves available anywhere. We are proud to partner with Wittus to offer you the de Manincor and Heckla line of wood cookstoves, online from Europe, exclusively in the USA. These cookstoves are unique and of very high quality, UL listed and EPA exempt. The Domino 8 and 6 Maxi, Domina, Atmosfera and Eco Series wood-burning cooking ranges have something to offer everyone who has dreamed of owning and cooking on their own wood cooker. Many folks are discovering for themselves the art of cooking on a wood fire, will you?


  •     Integrated ECOPLUS® system provides clean and efficient combustion
  •     Heavy-duty cast-iron hotplate for maximum conduction
  •     Firebox and flue lined throughout with refractory tiles to provide maximum output, increased temperature stability and optimize oven performance
  •     Large-size oven fitted with a thermometer, light and humidity regulating system
  •     Predisposition to the handrail
  •     Flue options for top, rear, or right/left sides
  •     Available in 6 color options and choice of black or stainless steel doors

Color Options

Please select from our 6 color options!


Safety clearances from NON-combustible materials: built-in furniture side
- Minimum distance between stove and built-in NON-combustible furnitures C= 1"

Safety distances from combustible materials:

- Distance between stove and side wall: L = 24"
- Distance between stove and rear wall: D = 8" + reflective steel plate of 20/10
- Distance above floor: F = 0"
- Distance at front from combustible material: R > 24"

Flue Pipe Connection

*Each stove must have its own flue pipe. Do not use the same flue pipe for more than one appliance.
**The stove should be connected to the flue pipe avoiding, as far as possible, any bends, diversions and downward or horizontal sections (if these are unavoidable, the gradient should be 1-1/4" per 3 ft).
Connecting pipes must be perfectly sealed to each other and to the stove and flue pipe. These precautions must be taken:
a) Use a seal to avoid infiltration of air into the flue
b) The pipe must not be narrower at the end
c) The end of the pipe must not protrude into the flue

Specifications Wittus Domina Wood Cookstove
Overall Dimensions 34" H x 24" W x 24" D
Weight 430 lbs
Firebox Dimensions 10" H x 15" W x 10" D
Oven Dimensions 10" H x 13" W x 19" D
Hot Plate Dimensions 18" W x 19" D
Efficiency 76%
Output 25,000 BTU/hr
Flue 6"
Tested UL 1482-7 for USA and ULC STD S627 for Canada

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Domina Wood Cookstove in Showroom
domina wood burning cookstove by De Manincor
Domina Wood Cookstove Outline
de Manincor Domina Wood Cookstove Outline
Domina Wood Cookstove Outline and Specs Front View
de Manincor Domina Wood Cookstove Outline
Domina Wood Cookstove Outline and Specs, Side View
de Manincor Domina Wood Cookstove Outline
Domina Wood Cookstove Outline and Specs, Top View
de Manincor Domina Wood Cookstove Outline

De Manincor Wittus Domina Wood Cookstove - Not Available

De Manincor Wittus Domina Wood Cookstove - Not Available

De Manincor Wittus Domina Wood Cookstove - Not Available

De Manincor Wittus Domina Wood Cookstove - Not Available

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De Manincor - Domina Wood Cook Stove


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