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J.A. Roby 2500 Cuisiniere Wood Cookstove

J.A. Roby 2500 Forgeron Cuisiniere Wood Cookstove

J.A. Roby has done it again with the Roby 2500 Cuisiniere compact and fuel efficient wood fired cookstove! The little sister to the J.A. Roby Cuisiniere SE, the 2500 Cuisiniere is a small, clean burning stove that would fit perfectly in your home or cabin where space is limited. With a heating capacity of up to 2,500 sq feet and a 22 hour optimum burn time, the 2500 Cuisiniere is sure to give you peace of mind and keep the family comfortably warm all night long. Measuring just 26" wide, the J.A. Roby 2500 Cuisiniere wood fired stove packs a punch into a petite, contemporary cookstove and gives you the ability to cook a feast on the cook top or warm leftovers in the convenient warmer.

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  • Cast iron and glass firebox door
  • Convection and radiant heat
  • Glass air wash system
  • Easy access ash drawer
  • Low clearances to combustibles
  • Refractory brick lined firebox for better heat distribution
  • Stainless steel secondary-air system to improve gas combustion
  • Warming closet
  • EPA exempt (learn more here)
  • Washington State Approved (learn more here)
  • Mobile home approved
  • Intertek tested and approved


  • Chromed cast iron legs
  • Firescreen
  • Outdoor air intake
  • Chromed square cast-iron door
  • Two 150 CFM blower and thermodisc

Clearance to Non-combustibles

  • Minimum clearance of 12 inches to the rear wall (for a smoke simple pipe with a heat shield) and 18" lateral MINIMUM clearance
  • In the case with a smoke simple pipe without heat shield, you must installed the cooker stove that the smoke pipe is to 18 inches of all non-combustible material therefore the MINIMUM clearance at the rear of the stove will be 16¼" (41.3cm).

  • For a 45° corner installation, or other corner installation, the minimum clearance between the cook stove and non-combustible material must be 18".

Floor Protection Minimum Clearances

Your stove must be installed on a non-combustible material plate to protect the floor and avoid fire would be caused by: 

  • Projections of sparks when door opening  or loading logs
  • The heat radiation when stove runaway should have an ignition to the floor and the coating.
  • Flow of creosote when there is a fire chimney

The coating used must be non-combustible and approved according to standard UL1618 for USA or approved to the locals codes (Example: cement, brick, ceramic tiles...)
Floor protection plate minimum dimensions.
The following dimensions are the minimums values and it can be higher.


  • 41-7/8" (106 cm) 
  • 47-5/8" (115.88 cm) 
  • 3/8" thickness (1 cm) 

Unites States

  • 41-7/8" (106.42 cm)
  • 45-5/8" (115.88 cm)
  • 3/8" thickness (1 cm) 

It’s necessary to protect the floor behind the horizontal connecting pipe section to the chimney of 2" (5cm) besides connecting pipe and up to the vertical connecting pipe. You can extend the protection plate while respecting the clearances of each side of stove.


Specifications J A Roby 2500 Cuisiniere Wood Cookstove
Fuel Wood
Model Legs
Overall Dimensions 27.75″ W x 54″ H x 30.75″ D
Exterior Dimensions with Oven 27.75" W x 54" H x 30.75" D
Firebox Dimensions 19″ W x 12.25″ H x 19.75″ D
Weight 440 lbs
Heat Output Up to 95,000 BTU/hr
Heat Capacity Up to 2,500 sq.ft.
Burn time 6-22 hrs
Baffle Material Fibre Ceramic
Maximum Log Length 19"
Flue 6"
Recommended Chimney Height 12 ft.
Emissions 1.3 gr/hr
Efficiency 88%
Emissions Tested B415.1-10 Certified
Safety Tested ULC STD S627.00 and UL1482-7
LHV 78.6%
Color Metallic Black

*This item is mobile home approved, UL / ULC Tested, Washington State approved

J.A. Roby Cuisiniere Cookstove in Black
J.A. Roby 2500 Forgeron Cuisiniere Wood Cookstove
J.A. Roby 2500 Cuisiniere Cookstove Specs
J.A. Roby 2500 Forgeron Cuisiniere Wood Cookstove
J.A. Roby 2500 Cuisiniere Cookstove, Showroom View
J.A. Roby 2500 Forgeron Cuisiniere Wood Cookstove
J.A. Roby 2500 Cuisiniere Cookstove, Back view
J.A. Roby 2500 Forgeron Cuisiniere Wood Cookstove
J.A. Roby 2500 Cuisiniere Cookstove, Front View
J.A. Roby 2500 Forgeron Cuisiniere Wood Cookstove
J.A. Roby 2500 Cuisiniere Cookstove, Side View
J.A. Roby 2500 Forgeron Cuisiniere Wood Cookstove
Item Price
2500 Cuisiniere with Chrome Door and Legs** $3,195
2500 Cuisiniere with Black Door and Legs** $2,755
Optional Accessories
Chromed Cast-iron Leg (set) $320
Firescreen $150
Outdoor Air Intake (installed in plant) $280
Chromed Square Cast-iron Door $120
Two 150 CFM Blower and Thermodisc $169

** Residential, curbside delivery via freight truck with a lift gate is included for shipping in the Continental U.S.A. (some exceptions may apply). Please inquire with our sales staff if you have specific shipping needs such as international, freight terminal and/or business deliveries or if you need a smaller truck size. Click here to see Obadiah's Shipping Terms.

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